Ive spent £72k on surgery to look like a bimbo – but Im not finished yet

Model and influencer Sapphire Saint has spent a whopping $100,000 (£72,000) on plastic surgery so she can look like a 'bimbo'.

The blonde, originally from Idaho, US, has undergone six boob jobs – two of which burst – ballooning her chest from an A to an H cup. She's also had nose job, butt implants, a cat-eye lift, fillers, Botox and even had four ribs removed.

However, she's not done yet and is now planning her next operation. Sapphire says her newest transformation will lead her to Turkey, where she intends to get another nose job and veneers. She also considering getting another rib removed.

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“I've already had a nose job, but I'd love to make my nose smaller and more adorable and get some veneers," she said. "I'm also seriously considering having another rib removed. It's something I truly desire."

If she goes through this procedure, Sapphire says it will bring herself a step closer to fulfilling her aspiration of attaining a 'rib-free physique' in pursuit of the 'bimbo' aesthetic.

Sapphire initially wanted to have six ribs removed last time, but was eventually persuaded by her surgeon to only remove four. She confessed only a few doctors were willing to undertake such a daring procedure.

While researching her surgeon, she encountered some negative feedback but discovered many misleading reviews.

Critics argue that Sapphire’s obsession with plastic surgery and altering her body through hypnosis is a concerning example of society’s increasing focus on physical perfection. But the model remains undeterred, believing that these drastic measures will ultimately lead to her version of beauty.

"I want people to know that I look this way because I want to and not because I was unhappy with how I looked before," Sapphire said. "My ultimate goal with my look is to take my bimbo look to the next level."

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Sapphire said she was 'teased' for having small boobs before she opted for her first operation – a boob job. She said her mum was the one who encouraged her to go under the knife, saying: "I was an A cup.

"My little brothers used to tease me, saying I could wear a bra backwards because I was totally flat. Ironically, my mum encouraged me to get my first boob job; she wanted to have a bonding experience between her and me, so she said, 'Let's get our boobs done together.' I've always idolised her."

The model now wows fans online with her surgically enhanced physique – boasting 49,100 followers online. She also sells sexy content of herself on OnlyFans, where she brands herself the "ultra-enhanced bimbo playmate".

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