Keeping Up With All the Kardashian Exes Jordyn Woods Has Been Linked To

Former Kardashian BFF Jordyn Woods has been linked with a major Kardashian controversy, but her headline-making rendezvous with Tristan Thompson isn't the only time she's been connected to someone involved with the family. Being part of the Kardashian inner circle has its perks — living with Kylie Jenner being one of them — including getting to hang in social circles most people don't get access to. Thanks to that particular perk, Woods has managed to rub elbows, and maybe more, with some of the biggest names in the Kardashians' past.

By now, everyone knows about Woods and Thompson. There's been a Red Table Talk, nearly an entire season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and countless articles written about what went down between them. The combination of Woods being Kylie's best friend and Thompson being the father of Khloé's baby, True, made for a scandal that monopolized headlines for weeks. With that behind both of them, Woods has been cut off from the Kardashians, though that hasn't kept her from running into a few others on the famous family's periphery.

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"I think that this whole Jordyn situation needed to happen for a reason … She was my security blanket. She lived with me. We did everything together," Kylie said in the aftermath of the scandal. "I just felt like, 'Oh, I have Jordyn, I don't need anything else.' And I feel like there's a part of me that needed to grow without her, and sometimes people are there for certain reasons at certain times in your life and not there for others."

People reports that Woods was seen with Kim Kardashian's ex, Ray J. Some credit that relationship with catapulting Kim to where she is today, depending on where you stand on the power of releasing a sex tape. Woods and Ray J met on the set of VH1's Hip Hop Squares. Her mom, Elizabeth, posted photos from the set. There probably wasn't more than a friendly situation, but it does go to show that Hollywood is a very small place, especially when you're on the game-show circuit.

In another Khloé connection, Woods was spotted hanging out with James Harden at a party. Page Six notes that Woods was "smoking hookah" with Harden in Houston. TMZ adds that she danced in front of Harden at one point. 

According to a source close to Woods, she'd love for things to go back to where they were pre-scandal. However, with the latest developments and the possible beginnings of something with Harden, that could be a long way away.

"Jordyn would love to be back on the same page with Kylie and love to have their friendship back, but she kind of has the attitude, 'I'm a grown woman,'" the source explained. "She's just worried about what she has to get done. If Kylie wants to get back, great. If not, OK."

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