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WITH winter temperatures sweeping their way across the UK many of us are grappling with the question of whether or not to put on the heating. 

As energy bills are still pretty high most of us are choosing to keep the heating off whenever we can but that can prove to be particularly difficult if you’ve got a mountain of washing to dry. 

That's why shoppers are exicited for Lidl to realease a bargain gadget that helps you dry your washing without putting on the heating. 

The Silentnight dehumidifier will be selling for just £44.99 in the budget store from November 2 and people are saying it's sure to be a life saver this winter.

Not only are these great for getting your washing to dry in colder weather but they are ideal for tackling any issues of excess moisture in your home. 

It’s around this time of year when we start to see condensation buildup and this can lead to other problems like damp and mould.

Experts usually advise you to keep your heating on and allow a good amount of airflow in your homes with the windows open to combat this. 

But that’s hardly ideal for someone who is looking to keep the energy bills low.

Lidl is offering a one-year warranty with the Silentnight dehumidifier so you can be sure to get your money's worth. 

The dehumidifier has an added filter which helps to reduce dust and particles and a has removable 2-litre tank for easy cleaning. 

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Plus you won’t need to worry about your dehumidifier overflowing if you’ve got too much moisture in your home as it comes with an auto-off feature that turns the dehumidifier off when the tank is full.

Currys has a dehumidifier from the same brand for a whopping £75.99 but despite the price, it's still flying off the shelves and is now out of stock.

Robert Dyas has a smaller Silentnight Dehumidifier for £44.99. This one is 600ml so you will need to empty out the tank more often.

Make sure to to shop around for the best deal. Google Shopping is another great way to see how a product compares price-wise as well.

To make the most out of removing excess moisture from your home remember to not leave your clothes to dry on radiators, and always cook with ventilation.

You might want to consider buying a plant that absorbs extra moisture in the air prices start from just £5.50 in Homebase.

In extreme cases of damp and mould, you are advised to keep the windows open to allow airflow and consider using an anti-mould treatment to tackle the problem.  

You can seek out an expert for help and if you are renting speak to your landlord about fixing the issue.

Other ways to avoid putting on the heating this winter

There are a couple of other tricks you can use to stay warm this winter.

Loft insulation is also very important as it can stop heat escaping, therefore slashing your heating bill.

You can buy insulation from all local builder merchants or retailers such as B&Q and Wickes.

Draught excluders are another great hack, they stop cold air coming in from underneath draughty doors. 

You can get some for as little as a fiver in most stores but a thick blanket rolled up will work just as well.

In other news, shoppers are rushing to buy a £1 gadget to avoid putting the heating on and it costs nothing to run.

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