Man called Thomas Cooke gets death threats after collapse of holiday company

A man called Thomas Cooke claims he has received death threats from people furious at the demise of the similarly named travel firm.

Thomas says numerous people have mistaken his social media account for the official profile of the collapsed travel giant – even through he has an extra "e" on his surname.

Thomas, from Liverpool, says he has been called a "c**t" by travellers who blame him for ruined holidays.

He complained on social media: "Getting p*****d off now. People sending me threatening messages and abusing me because of Thomas Cook.

"People need to f* off, wasn't funny the first 100 times and isn't funny now.

"My Facebook has been shared all over the internet. Not just Facebook, getting death threats on Twitter and people trying to add me all the time.

"Get a grip people and read my f**king name."

Speaking today, Thomas detailed the messages he has received.

He said: "It has gotten to the point where I have had to change my name, profile pictures etc and somehow people have even got my mobile and have been receiving calls today as well.

"It is very annoying and worrying as I have lots of pictures of my son and girlfriend on my page, they have even been doing it on Twitter and Instagram .

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