Meghan McCain and Former View Cohosts Slam Kim Kardashian's Advice For Working Women

"I just think that people that are born on third base shouldn't be talking about how easy it is to hit a home run," said "View" co-host Sunny Hostin.

They may not be working together anymore, but Meghan McCain and a few of her former “View” cohosts are on the same page when it comes to Kim Kardashian’s controversial advice for women in business.

Kim has been hit with backlash over comments she made during a recent interview with Variety, in which she and her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, as well as their mom, Kris Jenner, were all profiled ahead of the April 14 premiere of their upcoming Hulu reality series, “The Kardashians.”

At one point during the interview, which was published on Wednesday, Kim, 41, said, “I have the best advice for women in business. Get your f—ing ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.”

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On Thursday, Meghan, who is a columnist for the Daily Mail, penned a lengthy op-ed for, in which she ripped Kim — saying Kardashian’s comment “comes off aggressive and completely tone-deaf in these complicated post-Covid times that we are living in.”

She continued, “The pandemic, lockdowns and everything that went along with them directly impacted women in the workplace, because many were pulled out of their professions to carry the load of caregiving responsibilities at home.”

The conservative columnist also pointed out that Kim “was born into privilege,” noting that the reality star was “born to a famous father,” “her mother was close friends with celebrities as Kim was growing up,” “her step-father is a wealthy former Olympian,” and how “one of her first jobs was as Paris Hilton’s assistant.”

“She didn’t pull herself up by her bootstraps — as they say,” Meghan wrote, adding that Kim “has been afforded more opportunities than the average person can ever dream of.” She continued, “While she may work hard, less than 99.9% percent of the world’s population will ever be given the opportunities that Kim has had.”

The former “View” co-host said that Kim’s comments “also play into the archaic belief that some women’s careers stall because of their actions,” saying the “dated thinking assumes that these women aren’t working hard or ‘leaning in enough.'”

Meghan added, “Lastly, Kim’s remarks ignore that inflation is skyrocketing, gas prices are hitting historic highs, society has been savaged by Covid and the world appears to be on the verge of a possible WWIII.”

The TV personality went on to end her post by sharing some words for Kim, writing, “I would advise Kim to try and continue growing and morphing with the times I would encourage her to be humble and self-aware enough to realize that she is the embodiment of the one percent of the one percent.”

“You didn’t simply get there from hard work alone,” Meghan, the daughter of the late John McCain concluded. “Trust me, as someone who has benefitted from opportunities — given to me in the same way they were given to Kim — I know what I am talking about.”

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Meanwhile, on Thursday’s episode of “The View,” Kim’s comments were a hot topic at the table — and Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar didn’t shy away from voicing their criticism. After Whoopi Goldberg opened the topic up for discussion, Sunny and Joy went in on Kim’s advice.

“A leg up is what you need in that world,” Joy said, adding that her mother worked “so hard all her life” as a sewing machine operator. “Who worked harder than that?”

Sunny chimed in, saying, “It helps to be born rich also, like she was. She had a wealthy father, she had a mother who was a business manager.”

“She’s pretty, that helps, another asset,” said Joy, to which Sunny agreed and then continued. “I just think that people that are born on third base shouldn’t be talking about how easy it is to hit a home run.”

“It just came off as being very privileged. It came off as being very elitist,” she added, before noting how Kim and her family found success via “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

Conservative guest co-host Stephanie Grisham disagreed with the criticism. “I think she has worked really, really hard, and I say kudos to her for getting that message out,” she said after pointing out Kim’s work in prison reform.

“Well, there’s more than one side to the story. You just presented another aspect,” Joy replied, before doubling down on her and Sunny’s stance, saying, “That doesn’t dismiss the fact that she sounded tone-deaf in that comment.”

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