's 12 days of kindness: Cook or bake to show you care today

This Christmas, we decided to do an advent calendar with a difference, where instead of opening a treat, you get a random act of kindness to do each day.

After you’ve revealed your chocolate or beauty product counting down to Christmas, you can do a good deed and make someone’s day in the meantime.

You’ll spread festive cheer, get a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing you helped someone else, and ensure you remain on the nice list for another year – what’s not to love?

Behind today’s door, we have a food-related good deed that’ll give you a festive activity to do while you’re helping others.

Day 9: Share kindness through food

Today’s act of kindness: Cook or bake a dish to share with others.

Sharing food is one of the oldest gestures of goodwill, from the Christmas birthday boy himself feeding the 5,000 to the food drives and donation stations we see today.

Hopefully you already donate to food banks or other charities when you can, but today’s random act of kindness is more about the personal touch.

With just a few days left to go until Christmas, kids are off school and many workplaces have wound down for the festive period. That means some of us have time on our hands, and can use it to make a holiday activity something selfless.

If you have the time and money to do so, take a moment today to cook something you love. It might be your famous fudge or time-honed jollof rice – whatever you specialise in – and can be split up into portions and handed out.

Dishes from your own culture are especially nice, and a way to help others learn more about your heritage (and show off your chef skills, let’s be honest).

Search for recipes that use up what you have extra of to reduce waste. Tesco has a handy calculator where you can input ingredients and relevant dishes will pop up, or you can have a nose at BBC Good Food’s ‘quick Christmas gift recipes’ page for inspiration.

Once you’ve made your speciality, wrap up the results into bags or containers and get giving. You can knock for neighbours and give them treats alongside cards, hand them out to your work colleagues, or give them to whoever you like.

They’ll appreciate the effort you put in, and dropping off homemade items also gives you a chance to connect with folks who may be lonely or struggling.

Do make sure to follow all food safety protocols when you’re cooking. It’s not exactly kind to give out food poisoning.

Also ensure to observe social distancing and mask-wearing rules when you’re distributing your goodies. That way yourself and those you gift are kept safe, sharing delicious food but not coronavirus.

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