Model posing with nunchucks in skimpy thong bodysuit gets roasted by mum

A weapons expert turned model shared clips of herself swinging nunchucks while donning a skimpy thong body suit on social media – only to get roasted by a mum.

Even the toughest of models can't escape the comedy-stylings of Aussie Celeste Barber who has once again left fans howling with laughter at her own version of the photo shoot.

The 40-year-old was seen with a pair of full briefs pulled up her bum as she quite ungracefully swung a belt around her head – dropping it a few times.

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She also kicked around in her calf-length boots as she attempted to do the jumps from the Nelita Villezon's original video.

Celeste gained more than 620,000 likes in the post which was captioned: "Auditions can be hard."

Instagram viewers rushed to the comments to praise her for her sense of humour.

One user joked: "Good to see you still do your own stunts."

Another commented: "You are what IG was made for! Fekkin love you."

A third added: "Thank you for bringing laughter into so many lives!!"

However, others rushed to praise Nelita for her talent as she was seen swinging around two nunchucks while donning thigh-high boots and a SavageXFenty bodysuit, in a video which gained more than 33,000 likes on Rhianna's lingerie brand social media.

One user said: "The original woman is incredibly talented, and a beautiful, strong black woman breaking down boundaries. Huge ups to her!! But, not gonna lie, I was giggling waiting to see your version. And it did not disappoint!"

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A second wrote: "I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud to be part of the female component of humanity. This video captures so many different ways women can be absolute utter goddesses — strong, funny, sexy, silly, intelligent, mysterious, beautiful, soft, and the list goes on."

A third penned: "I love that first video too…how fabulous fierce…but if it was an audition I'd pick you… that anticipation of waiting for you to appear gets me every time."


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