Mrs Hinch fans claim £2.50 beauty product removes makeup stains from carpets

One of the most annoying accidents you can have in your home is spilling something on your carpets – you can’t chuck them in the washing machine and the fibres are traps for stains.

And, other than red wine, bleach or tomato sauce there are few items that ruin carpet as easily as makeup.

Thick foundations, powdery and bright eyeshadows and even waxy lipstick can all settle in the weave of your carpeting and leave mucky marks and glaring stains.

And, if you leave the mark to set you’re unlikely to ever get it out!

Well, luckily, one woman who faced this very issue asked for help on a Mrs Hinch fan page – and discovered a miracle product that gets makeup out of the carpet with ease, reports Tyla.

And, you can buy a bottle for less than £3 at most supermarkets.

The woman wrote on Facebook: "Help! I’ve just dropped my mascara wand onto my new carpet. How do I get this off???"

And, members of the group quickly ran to help with the most common suggestion being to use micellar water.

One cleaning fan put: "Micellar water."

Another said: "Micellar water or use washing up liquid this will break down the oils and with warm soapy water will come out."

A third person added: "Micellar water for all makeup mishaps."

And, a fourth warned: "Whatever you do, DON’T rub!

“Press lightly at first, then harder as it lifts, eye make up remover on a kitchen towel or Micellar water."

Micellar water is usually used as a makeup remover and cleanser.

The cheap product breaks up the oils in makeup to remove them from skin – and, it seems, from carpets.

All you need to do is put some of the liquid onto a cotton pad and blot the makeup stain.

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Keep doing this until the mark has lifted – you may need to use a few pads – and voila! Clean carpets again.

Other people recommended using shaving foam, which sinks into the carpet’s fibres to lift out grime, and washing up liquid.

You can pick up a bottle of Garnier Micellar water from Sainsbury’s for £2.50.

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