Mum is slammed after turning her daughter into a 'gothic baby'

Mum is slammed after turning her daughter into a ‘gothic baby’ who loves ‘every shade of black’ and starts every day ‘begrudgingly’ – but others can’t get enough of it

  • A mother has been slammed for her ‘aesthetic’ choices as a parent of little girl
  • Former pro wrestler Rebecca Hardy dresses her daughter Eevee as a goth
  • She appears in a tongue-in-cheek series called day in the life of gothic baby

A mum-of-four has been slammed by women from around the world after ‘turning her baby into a tiny goth’.

American mum Rebecca Hardy copped the hefty criticism for her parenting style after posting a video to TikTok titled ‘day in the life of a gothic baby’.

The tongue-in-cheek clip, which Rebecca regularly reminds fans is simply a fun skit, shows the baby ‘entering the new year’ the same way she starts every day: ‘begrudgingly’. 

Rebecca, who is married to pro-wrestler Matt Hardy, has three other children and makes it clear the nursery room is the only ‘goth’ room in the house.

A mum has been slammed over her portrayal of her young daughter as ‘Gothic Baby’

Replying to @sandhimohitramchurn #househardy #gothtok #gothic #alt #darkacademia #KAYKissCountdown day in the life of a gothic baby #momtok shirt: @babyteith | tiffe fermaint

She narrates the story from the point of view of her baby daughter Eevee, telling the audience she likes to start her day with a beauty routine which included a black face roller and 50s style brushes and combs.

Eevee then goes to her wardrobe – the top section a mass of colour, the bottom every shade of black.

‘Last year I resolved to stop wearing black, but no one like a quitter,’ the narration said as baby picked out a black and brown tulle gown.

The former pro wrestler and model then filmed her daughter scrawling in a book titled ‘people I want to punch in the face’.

The list inside the book read ‘1 – Father. 2 – Loose women.’

The video ends with baby ‘saying goodnight to the monster under the bed’ and ‘falling asleep to Depeche Mode’.

The video went viral – and followers had plenty to say about it.

‘It’s toxic, I don’t like it, it’s a baby,’ one woman slammed.

‘I hate that you put makeup on her,’ said another.

But most expressed their love for the family.

‘Gothic baby will have no fears in this world,’ one woman said.

While another admitted ‘You are my favourite people on here (TikTok).’

The baby stars in a 2-part series where she explains her life as a tiny gothic child

‘I too start my morning begrudgingly,’ a third fan wrote.

The Gothic Baby series has 27 parts so far – with one showing baby Eevee being exposed to ‘colour therapy’.

She is filmed inside her colourful play room – Rebecca asks if she likes colour and she says ‘no’ before tackling her toy globe or ‘taking over the world’.

The family don’t seem to mind when people don’t like their aesthetic – the Loose Women television program in the UK publicly slammed them and their response was to make a video mocking them.

In the video Gothic Baby sits on a throne and announces she is the new queen.  

Rebecca’s page has 1.2million followers.

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