Mum’s clever cleaning hack banishes stains from clothes using eucalyptus oil

Managed to stain one of your favourite clothing items?

Worry not – this cleaning hack is said to be a total game-changer.

On the Mums Who Clean Facebook page, a woman revealed how she used eucalyptus oil to banish stubborn marks on a hoodie.

She wrote: “Yesterday I asked how to get this texta stain out and got some great advice. I went with using eucalyptus oil and it worked so well!

“I rinsed the stain with water and squeezed the texta out as much as I could ensuring the colour didn’t run.

“I then poured eucalyptus oil on it and left it for about 30mins. Rinsed it out and it removed 90% of the stain.”

To get rid of the final marks, the mum carefully applied some bleach to the area and popped the hoodie into the washing machine.

She said: “I then poured bleach on the spot and put it in the wash after a couple of minutes.”

The finished results look ace – and cleaning fans couldn’t believe how well the eucalyptus oil worked.

One responder wrote: “Oh my gosh! I saw this post last night and even showed my husband and told him that I didn’t think it would ever come out.

“I’m off to show him this.”

Another said: “Wow! You must be happy with that result.”

And a third added: “I wouldn’t have thought you could get that stain out! Great work.”

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