Murder victim’s dad offers £15,000 pension in hunt for killers before he dies

The father of a murder victim is offering £15,000 from his pension in a bid to get justice for his son before he dies.

Mumtaz Khan is seriously ill but has put up the five-figure sum in the hope that it will snare the Junaid Khan's killer, as he prepares to mourn the 10th anniversary of his death.

Junaid died aged 21 in a hail of bullets from a Mach-10 machine gun on the car park of a doctors' surgery in Chadderton, Greater Manchester, on July 9, 2009.

Four men went on trial for his murder in June 2011, but all were cleared by a jury.

Initially a fifth suspect was wanted in connection with the case, Manchester Evening News reports.

He is believed to be in Pakistan, but Crown lawyers later advised police there was no case to pursue in relation to him.

Mumtaz, a 70-year-old shopkeeper, said: "My health is deteriorating. I have multiple health problems and I want justice before I die.

"Junaid was a caring son, and he really cared about me. He would always prepare me breakfast in the morning as due to my severe arthritis and heart problems I would feel drained in the morning.

"Junaid was running the family business which I was very proud of. Yet he was my main carer too. Why would someone do that to Junaid? I feel so lonely and helpless without him.

"I changed the business name to Junaid General Store in 2009 so I feel he is always with me.

"There's not a day goes by when I don't think about him. I can't believe it is ten years and we are still fighting for justice.

"Will I ever see justice for Junaid before I die?"

A gunman fired 17 bullets from a sub-machine gun at Junaid as he walked back to his car near Block Lane surgery just after he met up with his girlfriend and friends.

At Manchester Crown Court the prosecution alleged the killing was the climax of a 'long-standing' feud.

Days before the shooting Junaid said he had feared 'something bad was going to happen'.

Last year one of those cleared of murdering Junaid – Milad Finn, from Stockport – lost an appeal to have his sentence reduced after being jailed for nine years for plotting to flood Greater Manchester with Spice after police made their biggest ever seizure of the 'Zombie' drug.

Finn was accused of having used a tracking device to stalk Junaid before murdering him with a Mac-10, but was cleared, alongside two others, after telling jurors the evidence in the case related to plots to sell heroin and rob drug dealers, and not the killing.

He was later jailed for six years, however, after prosecutors used his murder defence to build a drugs case against him.

Soon after his early release in 2015, Finn embarked on a new drug dealing plot.

Junaid was one of five siblings. His sister, Raheela named her son, now five, after her brother.

The family were so affected by the murder they moved from Oldham to Bury. But Mumtaz, and his wife Taj Mahal Khan, 62, still hope police will make a breakthrough in the investigation.

Raheela said: "It's been ten years and it only seems like yesterday for us since we lost our Junaid.

"He was shot in a residential area just before midnight as he walked to his car, after spending time with his friends. He was minutes away from his home address when the attack took place.

"It is extremely frustrating for us not seeing those brought to justice who destroyed our happiness. We remember everything about that night as if it were a moment away.

"My parents are both suffering with health problems and want to see justice.

"My younger brothers wedding takes place next month and this is the first family celebration since the loss of Junaid. We really feel there is an emptiness as Junaid is not here.

"He worked hard in my dad's shop and managed the entire family business. He would take my dad for grocery shopping and help him with everything around the house too.

"There is someone out there who knows what happened that night and if they come forward and we receive justice it will be closure for us.

"Until then we suffer every day. We will not give up as a family. We are certain one day Junaid will receive justice."

Detective Chief Inspector James Faulkner, of Greater Manchester Police, said: “In the lead up to the 10 anniversary of Junaid Khan’s death, I would like to take this opportunity to stress just how committed Greater Manchester Police remain to seeking justice for his ruthless and brutal murder.

“No parents should ever have to bury their child and my heart goes out to Junaid’s family for the decade of pain they have had to endure.

"Ten years is long time for a family to still be searching for the answers as to why their much loved son, brother and uncle was taken from them in such brutal circumstances.

“We’re still striving to provide Junaid’s family with the answers they deserve and a decade on, we’re continuing to appeal for the public’s help to trace those responsible.

“I am confident that someone, somewhere holds vital information about Junaid’s death and any new information will be assessed and treated incredibly seriously.

“Please, help us give Junaid’s family the justice they deserve.

Anyone with information about Junaid’s murder should contact police on 101.

In addition to the money being offered by Junaid's father, a further £50,000 offered by police for information leading to convictions remains on the table.

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