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DEAR DEIDRE: RECENTLY my dad has been crying over every unimportant little thing.

Something on the radio, a sad TV advert or even running out of milk can turn him into a blubbering mess. 

My brother and I are concerned, but every time we ask him what’s wrong he assures us that he’s fine.

He’s 72 and I’m his 42-year-old son.

Growing up he was full of life. It was rare that he ever expressed any kind of sadness and the only time I ever saw him properly cry was when mum died.

His constant crying is so out of character and I can’t help but worry something is really wrong with him.

I’ve tried my best to get through to him but he never wants to open up.

Should I be worried?

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DEIDRE SAYS: Crying spells, crying over nothing at all, or about small things can be a sign of depression.

It may be that he isn’t even aware that he could be bottling things up.

Weeping over little things is also common in certain types of dementia, so explain you are worried about him and are concerned about his crying.

It would be worth encouraging him to see his doctor who will be able to help with any diagnosis and support.

I’m also sending you my support pack, Counselling, which may give him an outlet to talk in a safe forum.


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