My family accepted cousin being trans but called me mentally ill for boob job

A woman who splashed out £30,000 on three boob jobs spoke about the horrified reaction of some of her loved ones.

Maddison Fox claimed family members told her she was “mentally ill” and “needed help” for her plastic pursuits.

But the 30-year-old, from Surrey, refuses to take this negativity to heart.

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Speaking to Daily Star, she said: “When I say ‘hi guys I would like to get bigger boobs’ it is like ‘oh my god how dare you, you are mentally ill’ and ‘this woman needs help’.”

Maddison, who is a natural brunette, got her first boob job aged 21 before getting her third one last June.

She spent her 20s being insecure about how she looked and she was in an unhappy relationship for six years where she was told what to wear.

And it was only after embracing a bimbofication that she started to feel body positive.

Her transformation was partly inspired by her rise in the adult industry after being sacked from her traditional job just days before a furlough scheme was announced.

She then quickly started to earn life changing money through webcamming.

Explaining what her makeover involved in the first part of our interview, she said: “So it’s called bimbofication and I realised I loved the look and I wanted to become more plastic and it progressed from there.

“I started to do well in the adult industry and it changed my life completely and utterly for the better.

“It is the process of seeking what you perceive as perfection. It is plastic, altered, hyper-feminine, curves, big boobs, small waist, high heels, long hair, glamorous makeup, nails, eye lashes, lip fillers, Botox, you name it.”

As for how much better she feels for it, she added: “It has been a transformation of everything really. I am completely free of any pain, any self doubt and I am free from social restrictions that are put on everybody on how they are allowed to look.

“I am 30 and I finally found who I am and I feel special. I love myself and I love who I am, not just for how I look but for who I am as a person.”

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