My Tinder match brought his mums ashes on our date to "introduce" us

A woman was horrified when her Tinder match brought his mother’s ashes along with him on a date.

After spending time chatting to the man online, she had high hopes for the relationship and arranged a BBQ for him.

But when they met in person, romance wasn’t in the air as he arrived late and refused to share food he brought along with him.

To make matters worse, the woman was given an introduction to her date’s late mum.

According to the Mirror, she told Reddit: “When we sit down, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a vial.

"It is about two inches tall with a cork in it. It's filled with black powder. He must have noticed me staring at it flipping between if he was about to snort something strange or build some sand-art.”

The Redditor continued: "He said, 'Oh', all super casual. 'I'd like to introduce you to my mother’.

"I just stared at him for what felt like an eternity. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or run.

"'I like to bring her to any important event in my life. She also has ashes in this necklace I'm wearing, and in this ring I have on, and this half-sleeve tattoo is for her'.

"Now, mind you, I've lost too many people close to me, and I do not judge people based on their grief cycles, we all cope differently and I respect that.

"But homeboy brought a vial of his mother's ashes, and set them on the table for our first date. I simply could not.”

She added: "He finally finished his burger and I made some excuse about having to clock in and finish some work. He texted me before he even got to his car and told me 'my mother really liked you, I can't wait to see you again'.

"I told him I didn't feel the connection – to him, or his mother."

The singleton wasn’t the only one to be freaked out by the bloke’s actions.

On Reddit, many said his behaviour was over the top.

And one joked: "Look you can either marry this guy or move because this dude knows where you live."

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