OnlyFans model defies trolls to make £1,000s from men who love her armpit hair

A gorgeous OnlyFans star who has become famous for embracing her armpit hair has spoken out about the vile abuse has been subjected to during her time as a model.

Fenella Fox is now one of the most well-known models for armpit content and says she is making "thousands" from lusty men who adore the natural look.

The model has been trying to spread awareness on her TikTok account and YouTube channel in the hope that body hair and makeup-free faces on women will become more socially acceptable.

She told Daily Star: "I have been posting photos on social media displaying armpit hair now for four years and the first few years of doing it would make me cry almost every time.

"I was scared for my life on many occasions because of the hate I was receiving.

"Before I shaved I used to pose with my arms up regularly without anyone ever commenting on my armpits – not one single comment.

"Now my armpits are mentioned on every post even if I’m not showing them."

Fenella grew out her armpit hair in "protest" in 2016 but, as well as realising there was a large amount of hate, she found there was also "a large fetish audience".

“I had to embrace the fetish audience to continue my work as a model and although the over sexualisation of the female body annoys me greatly I turn it into a positive for myself by making a profit from it,” she said.

“I am now one of the most known models for armpit hair content.”

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Fenella first stopped shaving in her early 20s out of curiosity because she had never seen her leg hair before and couldn't find any pictures of women with hair online – although that is now changing.

She said: "I had been shaving my legs since before my leg hair even started growing.

"In my eyes as a child it was the 'cool' and 'adult' thing to do and so I wanted to do it."

Fenella said becoming an adult model only increased the pressure to be completely hairless all over.

"Since I turned 18 I have worked as a model selling adult photos online," she said.

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"It was the norm in my industry at that time to have shaved legs, shaved armpits, plucked eyebrows and a full face of makeup in every photo so it took me until I reached my limit of frustration one day to finally stop shaving everything."

In one of Fenella's recent TikTok videos, she lifts up her arms to expose her armpit hair and questions why she gets so many fetish and hate comments.

One fan commented: "It's so sexy why do girls shave it off."

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"Please don’t shave I love it," gushed another.

A third said: "I don’t see nothing wrong. You’re beautiful!"

Her first TikTok video was watched more than 1 million times and she also went viral on YouTube with 3 million views when she was trying on swimsuits – with nearly every comment about her body hair.

Fenella said: "I hope every time my photos reach audiences that aren’t used to seeing armpit hair on women it opens at least one mind.

"Women were not born to be hairless and smooth like dolphins they were born to be hairy – everywhere!"

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