Overweight couple who thought they wouldn’t live to see grankids lose 14 stone

A couple who were so unfit and overweight they feared they would never see their grandchildren grow up have lost more than 14 stone.

Katie and Tony Viney would watch their kids play on the beach from their car – as they lacked the energy to join in.

Mum-of-four Katie, 45, who scoffed sweets, biscuits and crisps between meals, struggled walking up
the stairs and even a short walk tired her out.

But now they have been named Slimming World’s Couple of the Year 2019, less than 18 months after joining.

Katie’s lightbulb moment came when their eldest daughter Rhiannon was about to turn 18.

She said: “It hit me that my children were becoming adults – and one day I might have grandchildren.

“At the rate I was going, I knew that I wouldn’t be around to see them.”

Katie, who has dropped from 21stone to 12st 2lbs, had been piling on the pounds for years: “I’d always been big but with every pregnancy I became bigger.

"Each was deemed high-risk because of my weight – so much so I needed a big luminous sticker on all my notes.”

Hotelier Tony, 52, who has lost 5st 2 and a half lbs, said: “When Katie told me she didn’t think she’d be alive to see any of our grandchildren grow up, it shocked me into action.”

“I’d always been overweight. I grew up in a fish and chip shop so there was always fried food on the menu.

“In fact, I used to get bored of eating fish and chips so developed a liking for deep fried pies.

Now the pair from Bicester, Oxon, have swapped takeaways and creamy carbonaras for healthy dinners and snack on fresh fruit.

Descrbing their new active life teaching assistant Katie added: “We run 4-5 miles a day with our two dogs and we’re full of energy – so active family days out are the norm for us now.”

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