‘Plain Jane’ turns into inked bombshell – but now people find her ‘intimidating’

A mum-of-three who always felt like a ‘plain Jane’ spent thousands of pounds transforming her looks by covering herself in tattoos.

Kerry Moon’s ink obsession grew over time.

She braved the needle for the first time at 17 – but now dons a full bodysuit of tattoos, as well as a shaved head.

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The 43-year-old quit her call centre job in favour of working as a body piercer tattoo manager

The mum from West Sussex, says she turned to extreme body tattooing as a way to ‘find herself’ after her relationship broke down.

Kerry said: "As I was nearing 30 and with the breakdown of my relationship with my son Tyree's dad, I started to do more for me which included getting more tattoos, I fell into getting heavily tattooed without really thinking about it.

"My artist Ben had just completed a design on the inside of my left arm and I was in awe, it was the biggest piece I had done and I was in love.

"I knew then I wanted more and when Ben said 'hey shall we do a full sleeve. I've never done one on a woman before' that was the beginning of my modification journey.”

Kerry has more tattoos to than she can count – and although she initially worried how her extreme look would affect her job, she now has no regrets.

She added: "By the time I had completed both sleeves I was obsessed, I knew this was me and how I was meant to look, I also knew I wanted to be completely covered.

"If I could get into the industry myself it would be even better, so I left the call centre to pursue a tattoo apprenticeship, sadly this didn't work out, but what I did do was enter into the body piercing side.

Although it was a dark time in Kerry's life, she believes leaving her relationship of ten years ago allowed her to find her real identity.

"Before my transformation I didn't really feel much to be honest. Just a normal girl living a normal life," she said.

"I had always loved the tattoo world, I think going through a life change of leaving a relationship of ten years from a young age, I kind of felt like I found myself.

"I really don't know how much the transformation has cost me, definitely a couple of thousand, it is difficult to calculate.”

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While Kerry’s kids love her art, she admits other parents gawp at her.

"None of my kids have been bullied or affected due to my tattoos or piercings," Kerry adds.

"My youngest children don't know any different, I've always looked this way and different to other parents. All three have said they want tattoos.

"I am proud of the way I look, I love the way I look, I will never be ashamed, and to all the people who ask what I would look like when I'm in my 80s, well I just can't bloody wait to find out.”


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