Playboy Mansions dark side as ex-bunny exposes Hefner insults and strict rules

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A pin-up model has spoken about what life was really like inside the Playboy Mansion.

Holly Madison spoke about living with Hugh Hefner and strict rules at the famous property.

In upcoming A&E docuseries Secrets of Playboy, the 41-year-old admitted she felt pressure to look like the other glam bunnies.

Hef loved buxom ladies with bleached blonde hair and sexy outfits, which became tiring for some Playmates.

Holly, who lived with the magazine mogul between 2001 and 2008, said: “I got to a point where I kind of broke under that pressure and being made to feel like I needed to look exactly like everybody else.”

In attempt to reclaim some of her individually, Holly decided to get her long blonde locks cut.

This apparently didn’t go down well with Hef, who wasn’t keen on her new look.

Holly recalled: “I came back with short hair and he flipped out on me.

“He was screaming at me and said it made me look old, hard and cheap.”

The Girls Next Door star’s story is backed up by Hefner’s former associate Jonathan Baker.

He said: “I remember when she cut her hair. He was very unhappy about it. Yup, his world.”

Ex-bunny Bridget Marquardt, 48, has similar recollections too.

She said: “She came down with red lipstick one time and he flipped out, said he hated red lipstick on girls and [told her] that she needed to take it off right away.

“It was very frustrating to live with every day.

“All of the drama that was going on and the tension. I could definitely see that [Madison] was getting depressed and sad and her demeanour was starting to change.”

It’s not the first time Holly has opened up about the dark side of the Playboy Mansion.

On the Call Her Daddy podcast, she recalled: “(Hefner's) room used to be like a hell-hole with stacks and stacks of video tapes”.

While the Bunny declined hard drugs, she admits she was “always wasted” on booze and cannabis when she had group sex with Hefner.

In bi-weekly orgies where all “girlfriends” were urged to participate, two screens played porn films in the background as the Playboy businessman was pleasured.

Holly admits she felt a lot of “shame” about partaking but “internalised” her feelings in order to survive.

Seeing as she’d only had “boring, basic sex” until moving in, the experiences made her feel “out of control”.

Holly learned to cope in the disturbing environment, which she says felt like a "life sentence" with “cultish” rules.

She claims “girlfriends” of the mansion had to stick to a strict 9pm curfew.

They were given $1,000 (around £725) to spend on clothes per week – but apparently had this income reduced if managers got wind they were saving too much.

Holly wasn’t permitted to date anyone else and was offered free plastic surgery so she could tailor herself to Hefner’s tastes.

Despite looking happy on the set of Girls Next Door, Holly was going through depression.

Finally breaking free from Hefner’s spell in the late noughties, Holly became successful in her own right.

She appeared on popular reality TV show Dancing with the Stars before landing a role in burlesque show Peepshow in Las Vegas.

Holly is also a New York Times Best Selling Author.

Her book, Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny, details her life experiences and time in the famous mansion.

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