Prince Harry birthday pictures ‘should remind us what we have missed’ after royal split

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Prince Harry is 36 years old today. It is not known how the royal will be celebrating. However, it is likely to be in his new £11million Santa Barbara home with Meghan Markle.

It is only recently the prince left his role as a working member of the Royal Family.

In the past he carried out a number of royal duties on or around his birthday.

While many royals might spend to choose the day with friends, the Prince Harry of the past seemed only too happy to spend his birthday meeting members of the public and representing charities.

On his birthday in 2015 Prince Harry attended the Battle of Britain Flypast.

He spent the day before his 18th birthday visiting Osmani school in Whitechapel.

In September 1990 he spent his birthday with his mother Princess Diana among other royals watching a fly-past commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, from a balcony at Buckingham Palace.

Body language expert Judi James analysed images of Harry from these certain events.

She told exclusively: “Taking a look back at some of Harry’s previous birthdays and the way he has chosen to spend them it’s clear he preferred to be out in the field working as a royal than partying or being spoilt by his family.

“This could be down to a sense of duty instilled by his mother Diana, but his body language in these shots prove it is a lot more complex than that.”

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She went on: “Harry looks totally and wonderfully happy in all these moments in time.

“His wide grins, laughter and reddened cheeks plus some of his more tactile and fun poses suggest he was genuinely enjoying himself here.

“There are moments when he adopts a more adult and responsible expression but he appears to have such strong bonds with the people he is joking with that he looks as though he is in the company of lifelong best friends.”

In fact, she claimed this behaviour was similar to that of another royal linchpin, Kate Middleton.

She said: “It should remind us of what we have missed now he has left ‘The Firm’.

“Like his mother, Harry was able to inject an air of informality and genuine-looking delight in his events.

“All the royals have perfected the smiling demeanor but it’s only Harry, and possibly recently Kate, who have managed to suggest they are enjoying their visits as much as their guests.

“Harry’s fun also looks well-balanced. Making people laugh and getting them to launch into that laughter is a difficult trick to pull off when you’re meeting strangers as a royal as it can take high levels of empathy and rapport.

“Harry seems to have kept it all even-handed, like shared banter, which is reflected in the faces of the people around him.”

Judi went on: “As a small boy on the balcony with Diana, Harry shows high levels of confidence and absorption, sharing a moment of deep interest while his mother chats behind him.

“As a teenager, Harry manages to sustain a more royal image here, although his narrowed eyes and partial cut-off arms gesture with the other arm being used for emphasis as he asks questions suggests genuine interest in what he is being shown.

“As a pilot he adopts a steepling of the brows and a piercing eye expression that signals he has now matured into adulthood thanks to his bravery in the war, but he also breaks into laughter to instigate a joke with his hand placed on his chest.”

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