Princess Beatrice leads 'high level delegation' to Pakistan

Reaching new summits! Princess Beatrice leads a ‘high level delegation’ including the former prime ministers of Spain and Italy on an adventurous heli-skiing trip in Pakistan

  • Princess Beatrice, 31, is currently visiting Pakistan for a week long skiing trip
  • Leading ‘high delegation’ group including ex-prime ministers of Spain and Italy 
  • The royal was hosted by the President of Pakistan as part of the working trip
  • Part of her role as Vice President of Partnerships and Strategy for AI firm Afiniti

Princess Beatrice has been brushing shoulders with the former prime ministers of Spain and Italy as she leads a ‘high level delegation’ on an adventurous heli-skiing trip to Pakistan. 

The royal, 31, who is visiting the country as part of her role for the AI firm Afiniti, was hosted by Pakistan’s President, Dr. Arif Alvi, over the weekend before heading to the mountains to enjoy the working holiday.

Photographs emerged on Twitter of Princess Beatrice chatting with former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, and former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who joined her on the expedition.

It comes after reports that Princess Beatrice would take on a more prominent role in royal family after Prince Harry, 35, and Meghan Markle’s, 38, departure.

Princess Beatrice, 31, is currently ‘leading a high delegation’ on a heli-skiing expedition to Pakistan alongside former prime ministers of Italy and Spain 

The week-long trip sees Princess Beatrice join 60 other keen skiers in Pakistan’s Kaghan Valley for the adventure.  

The expedition, which was organised as a collaboration between Afiniti and the media wing of Pakistan’s armed forces, promises online to bring together ‘tech professionals, entrepreneurs and multinational CEOs’ from around the world for the ‘unique expedition’.  

Heli-skiing is a form of adventurous downhill skiing which sees skiers head off-trail to parts of a mountain reached by helicopter, instead of a ski lift. 

Princess Beatrice is an experienced skier and often spends time at her parents’ chalet in Verbier over the winter season. 

As part of the week-long expedition, the royal joined a reception hosted by the president of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi (pictured) 

In photographs posted online over the weekend by the President’s official Twitter account, Princess Beatrice could be seen smiling as she shook hands with the politician.

Sharing the images, the tweet read: ‘President Dr. Arif Alvi hosts a high level delegation led by Princess Beatrice of York at the Presidency, who are in Pakistan for heli-skiing expedition.’ 

In another snap, the royal joined a round table discussion with former European prime ministers, as well as business leaders and other members of the Afiniti team, before the group headed to the mountains to ski.  

Yesterday, Matteo Renzi shared a snap of a snow-covered mountain with a set of fresh ski tracks online, tweeting: ‘There are moments when it is nice to rediscover oneself to reflect, admiring the uncontaminated nature. Even at 4,000 meters. 

The royal could be seen relaxing on a warm morning with former politicians and business leaders before the group headed to the mountains (pictured, Princess Beatrice of York , Jose Maria Aznar, Matteo Renzi, Zia Chishti, Frederico Rigoni, Sayed Zulfikar Bukhari, Ali Jehangir Siddiqui, visit Prime Minister Imran Khan) 

‘And up here there are no controversies but only so much beauty. Busy days await us, good week everyone.’  

Her visit to Pakistan comes four months after Prince William, 37, and Kate Middleton, 38, visited the country for a five day visit to the country.  

Last month, Robert Lacey, who is the historical consultant for The Crown, said Princess Beatrice alongside her sister Princess Eugenie, 29, would ‘be brought forward’ because it’s ‘what the royal family needs’ after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to step back from royal life. 

Speaking to Hello!, Robert revealed the sisters would be ‘brought forward’ if they were willing to be, saying: ‘If two go out, two have got to come in, and those two have got to be Beatrice and Eugenie.’

Photographs of the trip were shared online, with Matteo Renzi posting a snap of a snowy capped mountain with fresh ski tracks 

The royal biographer called it ‘a consequence’ of the Duke and Duchess of Sussexes’ decision that Princess Beatrice and Eugenie would step forward and be welcomed. 

The sisters, who are ninth and tenth in line to the throne, both have full time jobs, and do not receive cheques from the Sovereign Grant, the government-supported fund that finances Queen Elizabeth II’s official duties.

Princess Beatrice, who is known as Beatrice York in her professional life, studied History and the History of Ideas at Goldsmith’s University before taking on roles at boutique private wealth firms.

She also worked as an associate at Sandbridge capital, a small consumer focused private equity firm, and as a Business development associate at Sony pictures television before resigning in 2014.    

Princess Beatrice is an experienced skier and regularly joins her family for trips to their chalet in Verbier (pictured, during a trip in 2011) 

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