Restaurant server reveals small tip and bizarre note left by customer in viral TikTok

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People take tipping very seriously.

A video revealing the small tip that a waiter received went viral on TikTok and is sparking a debate. According to the footage, the diner who left the tip on the $70 meal wrote a note explaining why they couldn’t leave more money.

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A TikTok user named KingJ24__ posted the video, which shows that the diner left a $6.55 tip on a bill of $73.45, which is about an 8% tip. The incident apparently took place at an Applebee’s in Staten Island.

It’s customary to tip between 18-20%.

According to the receipt, an 18% tip would have been $12.14, and 20% would have been $13.49.

According to the recent, the incident occurred at an Applebee’s in Staten Island.

According to the footage, the customer left a note on the receipt writing, You was[sic] great, holidays are just rough right now.” This is followed by a frowning face.

The video sparked a debate about tipping. Some users took the customer’s side, with one commenter writing, “Tips aren’t mandatory. They left a note. Be understanding. You chose this line of work. Roll with the ups and downs with waitressing. That’s life.”

“You can afford $73 and some change to feed yourself but not enough to tip? Don’t eat out if you can’t afford the service,” wrote another user who took the server’s side.

The video sparked a debate about tipping and whether the waiter was right to complain or not.

Other users, however, complained about the concept of tipping in general. One commenter replied, “Ban tipping. Make businesses pay their employees. Why do customers have to pay both the business and the employee?”

It’s unclear if the original video belongs to the TikTok user who uploaded it. The name on the receipt reads, “Dana.”

At most restaurants, servers are paid primarily through tips, and often have to share those tips with other workers (bus people, bartenders and possibly kitchen staff).

Applebees did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

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