Smithy the rescue dog has finally found his forever home

For 1,302 days, he sat in an animal rescue shelter, waiting for someone to take him home.

And now, Smithy, the adorable Jack Russell Terrier who has been alone for four years, will finally get to move into his forever home.

The eight-year-old pooch was living at the National Animal Welfare Trust Rescue Centre in Hayle, Cornwall, but had yet to be chosen as someone’s pet, despite several social media campaigns to find him an owner.

That is, until Ali Kite, one of the centre’s volunteers, stepped in.

Ali, who has homed 12 rescue dogs over the years, decided to adopt Smithy after one of her other dogs sadly died.

But the new relationship started slowly, with Ali coming by the centre every day for six weeks, and Smithy doing four home visits.

Smithy has also met his new sibling, Ali’s 17-year-old dog.

‘I think he chose me,’ she said.

‘He decided he was going to come with me and I feel very happy to have him.’

While the rescue workers are glad to see Smithy finally settle into a forever home, they admit it was ‘bittersweet’ to see him go.

But he needs ‘a very special home’ and hopefully, he has now found one.

‘Finally, their hard work and dedication has paid off,’ the team said.

In other dog news, a pooch has gone viral for having a peculiar habit: she ‘guards’ carbs.

When her owners are away, Jakey, a German Rottweiler from Buffalo, Minnesota sniffs out bread, cookies and other carbs in her house, and then protects these valuable items until her owners return.

‘I’m assuming because we use it so often, she believes it is the most important thing in our house,’ said owner Katrina.

If you’re looking for a pooch to guard your stockpiling cupboard, you’ve found her.

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