‘Stressed’ mum quits cleaning job to be OnlyFans star and now makes £257k a year

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A mum worked hard as a cleaner to help support her family – but now she’s cleaning up on OnlyFans!

Courtney Ann tidied people’s homes during the days and cared for her daughters, aged 16 and 13, in the evenings.

The 38-year-old, from Fort Worth, Texas, had to do the bulk of the housework too as her husband Nick, 41, went to work early in the morning.

She explained: "My days were busy, stressful and tiring.

"My hubby left for work super early so I fed the girls, got the car loaded with cleaning supplies and equipment, then took them to school.

"Then I went on to clean a house, run to the store or any other errands needed, pick up the girls, do after-school activities, house chores, make dinner, and then finally get a little downtime with them and the hubby once he was home.”

Courtney added: "I loved my life still. I loved my family and loved that I could make my own hours and still be there for my daughters' school stuff, but I always wanted to do something more creative and more exciting.

"Something more me as a woman."

Even when she worked as a cleaner, the mum loved social media.

She’d often scroll through her feeds and point out attractive women to her husband, Nick.

Courtney’s doting partner would always tell her she looked just as hot as the ladies online – and dared her to post pictures of her own.

She explained: "One day, we saw this girl who was short like me, and Nick told me 'I don't see why you can't do the same if you wanted to’.

“After further jokes and discussion, we decided to give it a brief faceless try.

"I started posting booty and front pics without my face and used Instagram posts to help inspire us.

"After one month, I had 15,000 followers."

Courtney started off with a tasteful snap of her legs and bum, which is why she titled her OnlyFans page “Texas Thighs”.

The couple were chuffed with the reaction they received online – but some of their family members weren’t so pleased.

Courtney recalled: "Someone sent my mum a picture of the page and she called me and said 'What is Texas Thighs?'

"This was three months after we began the page. She was very upset on the phone.

"Based on everything in my upbringing, I expected it would be a little surprising and they just wouldn't look at it and we'd move on.

"I hadn't told them because it was a hobby at the time and we were still figuring it out ourselves.

"No matter what I said they had their minds made up – but so had I and this was not something I was going to give up."

Even though her saucy career has caused a rift in the family, Courtney has no regrets.

After six months of posting sexy snaps online, she was able to quit her cleaning job.

Nowadays she earns £357,000 per year, which is 10 times her previous salary.

Her husband has also quit his job as a sales rep and account manager to help with account management, marketing and photography.

Courtney credits her new job for not only improving her finances, but also helping her bond with her kids, as they now have more time to spend together – and money to do fun activities.

She said: "I spend every single day with my husband and two daughters, who are now homeschooled online.

"While they do school, we work out, create content and take care of errands together.

"After that, we all hang out together and do whatever we want.

"We have been on more vacations during this time than all of our years together combined.

"Nick and I have been able to not only give them experiences but also so much more of our actual time.

"We get to let our daughters choose their activities and things they want to do and learn about.

"I honestly never would have dreamed of having as strong of a bond as the four of us have."

The couple's teenage daughters understand what their mum does – but they fully support her work.

Courtney said: "As they have grown and as the business has grown, they have gotten to see the hard work, persistence and drive we have put into it.

"They know more now about the world so they understand sexuality more, as well as how people can see things very differently.

"They know that we make sexy modelling content and make a living off of it.

"They think it's funny and crazy that people judge us for what we do.

"We live in a world where women can now safely make money from being sexy and modelling for themselves instead of a man at the top of a magazine company making money off women's bodies.

"They are happy for me and love that I get to be a happier, more fun and even more involved mum."

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