The Rock's Late-Night Cheat Meals Are Like Church


When it comes to the art of the cheat meal, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is devout. 

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Wednesday, the Hobbs & Shaw star got to chatting about one of the highlights of his Instagram feed: his larger-than-life cheat meals. 

“You do everything extreme. You go hard,” Fallon said of Johnson’s workout regimen and culinary rewards. 

“Yes, it’s very important—the cheat meals,” the star said. “I’m into pancakes. I’m into sushi.” As evidenced by one snap, sometimes he’s into both at the same time. 

“I wouldn’t recommend that,” he quipped of the unusual combination. 

No matter what the Rock indulges in every week, he takes it seriously. “For me, the cheat meals—it’s like church. You work out hard and once a week, you treat yourself and I partake in that.”

However, the way he partakes in it might surprise you. “I have to wait until everybody’s asleep,” the father of three said of his late-night feasts, typically paired with something to watch on his computer. 

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*swipe left and witness the double main-eventer of cheat meals while I get my Netflix fix. 6pm – the succulent sushi ? train rolls thru and right into my belly. 11pm – homemade cheatin’ chocolate chip cookies ? with a one-way ticket to Holy Moses heaven by smearing peanut butter on every cookie before I destroy them. I know how to party. Hard. #DontCheatYourself #TreatYourself #EpicCheatMeal #AkaFoodPornSunday

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As the Rock put it, “I’m like a troll…all by myself.”

Sign us up! These food photos are making our mouths water. 

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