These Are The Most Expensive Cars Owned By Snoop Dogg

When it comes to the low-riding pride of the West Side, no one does it better than Snoop Dogg, known briefly and previously as Snoop Lion. The West Coast rapper, formally named Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., is a native of Long Beach, California, one of the original birthplaces of gangsta rap. Snoop actually has a net worth of $143 million which, over the years, has been accumulated from multiple chart-topping singles, over 35 million album sales worldwide, a busy acting career, and other investments such as a variety of cannabis products and a youth football team called Snoop’s Steelers. The accomplished rapper and actor has a few trinkets he has purchased himself, including a pricey ensemble of vehicles. Here are eight of the most expensive cars owned by Snoop Dogg.


Dodge Challenger SRT8

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If there is one thing celebrities are known for besides their jewelry collection and mansion spread is their car collection. Snoop Dogg has a stellar collection of exceptional sport and vintage vehicles at his mega-mansion in Diamond Bar, California. The celebrity’s first car shouldn’t;t come as a surprise since almost every American loves American muscle. His Dodge SRT8 is a powerful muscle car with a 6.4L Supercharged V8 HEMI engine. The powerful engine under the deck of this American classic can generate 470 horsepower and 637 NM of torque. It may not be decked out like Dom’s car from Fast and the Furious, but it sure packs a punch! Starting price for this vehicle begins at $44,685.


Tesla Model X

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Up next is the Doggystyle artist’s Tesla Model X, manufactured by Elon Musk’s co-founded Telsa company. The vehicle is one of the leading brands in the gas-free electric-powered, which means that in addition to being a high-performance SUV, it’s also eco-friendly. The Training Day actor bought his brand new white Tesla Model X perched on 22″ matte black Onyx wheels for the price of $119,690 back in 2017. The Tesla Model X can go from 0-60 MPH in just 3.8 seconds, can give 547 KM / 340 Miles of range, and has a peak performance of 670 HP – that’s truly impressive for a vehicle that burns no fuel.


Rolls Royce Ghost

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From Floyd Mayweather to Nikki Minaj, almost every major celebrity has a Rolls Royce Ghost stashed in their collection of elite wheels. It’s no surprise, then, that one of America’s Most Wanted former Deathrow artists would also have one of these stylish vehicles parked in his garage. The ultra-luxury sedan hides a powerful 6.6-liter Twin-Turbo V12 engine that generates an impressive 562 horsepower peak. The sleek yet monstrous beast-of-a-car is manufactured in the United Kingdom and has all the trappings you would expect in a vehicle that represents royalty. But there’s a hefty price for all that royalty. Snoop could’ve dropped anywhere in the price range of $312,000-$352,000 for this beauty of wheels.

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Ferrari 458 Italia

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What’s the point of being a multi-millionaire if you don’t own at least one Ferrari? After all, it seems a staple in the garages of most celebrities. Owners of this ferocious Italian supercar include Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber, David Beckham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ashton Kutcher, and Eddie Murphy. The new owner of Death Row Records, Snoop Dogg, chose the 2009 Ferrari 458 Italia to be his personal speed devil. The Italian supercar doesn’t rival the Porsche 911 and McLaren 650S for no reason. Its performance is superb due to its 4.5-liter V8 engine. Although it’s a celebrity favorite that effortlessly turns heads with an elegantly sculpted design, the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox is made for speed, with a Formula-1 inspired steering behind the wheel. The Doggfather may have purchased this street sweeper for around $257,000, which is pennies for one of the richest rappers alive.


Polaris Slingshot

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Not all celebrities want to spend their fortune on exclusive vehicles that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some celebrities actually prefer to own a few “big boy toys” – something they can play around with that’s not too expensive. Enter the Polaris Slingshot Snoop Dogg calls Batman, a three-wheel vehicle with the power and speed of a high-performance car, but only weighing 1,743 pounds – merely the size of a tiny car. It comes equipped with a 2.4-liter inline-four engine that can boast 173 horsepower. Unlike some rappers who blew their fortune on expensive cars but are nearing bankruptcy, Snoop seems to know how to enjoy life without splurging on depreciating items. The Polaris “Batman” Slingshot cost Snoop an estimated $27,000.


Ford Mustang GT

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In life, there are some things money can’t buy. And a Special Edition Ford Mustang GT is one of them! The Ford Mustang is a super-rare vehicle in the American Muscle category. It is reported by that Funkmaster flex was the one who actually designed Snoop’s 2011 GT Mustang in 2010. Funkmaster decked out the car with features that allow it to hit 60 mph in 4.6 seconds. The car was painted in blue, a special color for Snoop Dogg who still identifies as a member of the Rolling 20s Crips. Because of its rarity, the Ford Mustang GT is virtually priceless.


Cadillac Escalade

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If there is a vehicle that rappers and celebrities showcase in many of their videos, it’s the Cadillac Escalade. Favored for its massive body yet sporty performance, the Cadillac Escalade is a full-size SUV with an ultra-luxurious interior, boasting 420 horsepower with a 6.2-liter V8 engine, which is very quick for a vehicle of its stature. All that horsepower is backed by 460 pounds of torque, labeling this sport utility vehicle as a beauty of a beast. Sadly, this was also the vehicle the Notorious B.I.G. was cruising in when he was shot and murdered in Los Angeles. Still, the Dogg spent all $76,200 on this vehicle. It may have been worth it.


Buick Riviera

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When it comes to the customization of his vehicles, Snoop definitely knows how to go all in and make an impactful outcome to an otherwise mundane vehicle. It appears that Snoop already has a nice lineup of American muscle cars, like the Mustang GT and the Escalade. Although the 1968 Buick Riviera goes for between $14,850 and $26,300, Snoop’s ride is expected to be a bit more due to the customizations he made, as a massive painting of himself and his family on the hood of the car. He featured this car in the song “Vato” with B-Real, hoping to spread some peace between cultures on the West Coast. Recently in 2022, Snoop purchased the production label he was once signed to with Tupac Shakur, Death Row Records. Snoop has been making some major money moves on the side.

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