These are the plants people are buying for their gardens in lockdown

If you’ve managed to make it through the months of lockdown without developing a serious online shopping habit, we applaud you.

Whether you’ve gone for food deliveries, interiors upgrades, or loungewear wardrobes, the temptation to buy a load of stuff to deal with lockdown boredom has been immense – especially if said stuff is tailor-made for how our needs and wants have changed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Indoor plants have been a major trend, as has a rise in passions for gardening, with forced confinement to the home giving us a new appreciation for the importance of curating our environments.

Throw in our desperate need for outdoor space and it’s not surprising that brands are reporting massive sales of products related to gardening.

Over at, for example, millions of plants have sold during lockdown.

They’ve revealed the plants that have been most popular, so we can get inspiration from other people’s gardens (or know which plants to avoid if we want to be cool and unusual).

Here are the best-selling plant varieties on their site for the last three months.

Dianthus Plants

Better known as ‘pinks’ (yes, because they’re pink), these plants include carnations and Sweet Williams.

They’re pretty easy to grow, whether you get seeds or some readily grown ones to pop in pots and borders.

Ornamental Willows

You might not have space in your garden for a full on weeping willow tree, but it turns out there are mini varieties of willows you can add to your garden.

If you’ve got super limited space or no garden at all, look into getting some fluffy catkins to pop in a vase.

Japanese Maples

Also known as acers, these plants are low maintenance and work best in a shady spot – just make sure to do regular pruning.


As well as looking pretty, honeysuckles smell wonderful. They’re a climbing plant so do the trick to cover up fences and gates.

Alpine Plants

Succulents, basically. Purple-flowering Aubretia were big sellers, but we reckon any and all succulents will have been popular – we love low-maintenance plants that work indoors and out.


Super pretty flowers that are easy to care for.


These work brilliantly if you’ve got a load of shady spots in your garden.


These plants produce pretty pink heart-shaped flowers, perfect for brightening up your garden.

Potted Spring Bulbs

Think daffodils, in pots for indoors or as bulbs to go outside.

Sempervivum Houseleeks

Another type of succulent, this time producing flowers in spring and summer, too.

Keep them indoors as potted plants or add to rock gardens and borders.

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