These cool cotton pjs can help you get a better night sleep

Hundreds of shoppers claim these ‘wonderfully cool’ cotton pyjamas can help you get a better night’s sleep this summer – and they cost as little as £10

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Whilst many of us will be enjoying the heat, it can often mean sleep struggles. While sleeping naked might seem like the best option, wearing pyjamas is actually proven to cool you down.

Opting for a pair of lightweight pyjamas actually draws sweat away from your body and allows you to keep cooler and more comfortable, leading to a better night’s sleep.

Made from 100 per cent cotton, the GLOBAL Pyjama Set can help wick sweat away from your body as you sleep, keeping you cool and comfortable and better equipped to handle the heat. 

Available in over 30 colours and prints, the sets can be bought in sizes XS to XXXL. 


Made from 100 per cent cotton, the GLOBAL Womens Cotton Pyjama Sets are keeping shoppers cool and comfortable in the heat

Hundreds of Amazon shoppers have already bought and loved the GLOBAL Womens Cotton Pyjama Sets, raving how they’re ‘absolutely perfect for the current heatwave’ and are ‘wonderfully cool’. And they cost from £9.99. 

While sleeping naked in a bid to stay cool might seem sensible, it can actually make your night a whole lot more sweaty, meaning less shut-eye. 

Amazon shoppers have discovered the GLOBAL Womens Cotton Pyjama Sets, claiming they’re a winner for keeping cool and comfortable, even on hot nights. 

Made with 100 per cent cotton and available in over 30 colours and prints, it’s no wonder shoppers are grabbing multiple pairs to see them through the summer months.  

If you’re looking to reassess your nightwear this summer, then it might be worth listening to the hundreds of shoppers who love the GLOBAL Womens Cotton Pyjama Sets.

Not only are they made from pure 100 per cent cotton for maximum comfort and breathability, but they’ve also been designed in a range of gorgeous prints and colours to make your nighttime routine feel that little bit more luxurious. 

Sweat-absorbing and skin-friendly, the pyjama set will give you a comfy wearing experience which could largely improve your sleep quality. And with over 500 five-star reviews, it’s clear that shoppers agree. 

When we sleep naked, sweat stays on the body, raising our body temperature, so it’s worth wearing some loose, thin clothing instead of sleeping naked

Scores of shoppers have mentioned how they have a ‘really light fabric for hot weather’, are ‘really comfortable’ and are ‘crisp and fresh. Ideal for summer’.

One repeat Amazon shopper raved about the GLOBAL Womens Cotton Pyjama Set, writing: ‘Bought 3 pairs so glad I did!! Beautifully made and cool too touch such great quality!! Washed really well good price will be buying more I am very pleased it’s a thumbs up from me.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘Definitely on the larger size of small, but these pyjamas are comfortable. I love 100% cotton products and these feel cool and comfy.’

A third penned: ‘Cool and attractive. Needed cool cotton pyjamas for hot weather. Lovely to wear and will buy again.’

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