Throwback 2004 Pic Featuring Elon Musk & Jeff Bezos Goes Viral, Musk Reacts

Two of the world’s richest men shared a meal in 2004 and a Twitter user is showing the world a glimpse of that magical conjunction.

A user with the Twitter handle TrungTPhan took to the social media site to show a photo of Jeff Bezos, still sporting salt-and-pepper hair on his now-famously bald head, raising a metal cup to his grinning face. He’s turned towards the camera as an incredibly fresh-faced Elon Musk flashes a bright white smile from next to him. The circular table is adorned with salad, water bottles, and a can of Diet Coke.

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According to Phan, the photo was from one of two’s “few in-person interactions”. He offers little information on the restaurant, but goes into detail on the conversation. The meeting, according to the poster was to discuss space travel. Bezos, he claims, had set out to pick Elon’s brain about rockets for his space company, Blue Origins. It predated Elon’s SpaceX by two years and it seemed that he hoped to get some thoughts on future plans.

Musk wasn’t impressed with Bezo’s progress when they met and spoke about it after the fact.  Some of Jeff’s ideas had already been implemented and failed under the SpaceX watch. His exact quote may have been a bit more blunt as apparently Elon replied, “Dude, we tried that and that turned out to be really dumb.”

The irony of this picture is that today, Jeff Bezos is retiring from his Amazon throne to focus more on Blue Origin. While his new project might not be new, it’s still light years behind Elon’s creation. Yet, the hope is that he will be able to catch up and bridge the gap that seemingly started around 2004 when Musk embraced space while Jeff conquered the Amazon of retail sales.

When he saw this photograph seemingly taken at a pivotal moment in both men’s lives, Elon Musk had a response that seemed to be as underswhelming to those salivating for details as Bezos’s plans were to him back at the 2004 meal.

“Wow, hard to believe that was 17 years ago!” Musk tweeted.

The next battle may be in the stars, but it started with a table full of empty water bottles and two billionaires-to-be dreaming bigger than anyone thought possible.

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