TikTok star explains key details in Squid Game are missed when watching with subtitles

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If you haven’t yet tuned into Netflix superhit Squid Game, now’s the time to reserve your spot on the sofa and get involved.

The nine-part series, which launched on the streaming giant on September 17th, has become a breakout smash and won acclaim around the globe, and fans have now started sharing their theories.

Beware, for those who are yet to watch the show, there are spoilers ahead!

Apparently, if you've been watching the show with subtitles you might be missing crucial details.

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The show is Korean and, as a result, many have been watching along with English dubbed on top.

Podcaster Youngmi Mayer, who can speak Korean, has since revealed that this could mean people could've been missing crucial clues throughout.

The Feeling Asian podcast has become a huge hit, and Youngmi explained on TikTok that the subtitles had changed the nuance of the script.

She shared two scenes to illustrate for this, sharing that the subtitles are designed for people who have hearing problems.

"Hey everyone, I just watched Squid Game and I am fluent in Korean and I had the English subtitles on and noticed that you're missing so much from the English subtitles," she explained.

Adding: "I tweeted about it earlier so I thought I would make a little video just to show you.

"The first example I want to start with Mi-nyeo, which translates to 'beautiful girl', which I think is really interesting,.

"Her dialogue constantly gets botched like every little thing that she says is f***** up.

"I think it's because she's playing a low-class character and she's a gangster, so she cusses a lot and it gets very sterilised.

"Randomly even things that aren't even that bad, like she says 'what are you looking at?' it's turned into 'go away.'

"This might seem arbitrary, but everything she says is not really aligning and so you're missing a lot of this character in what she stands for.

"Here's the one part that I think is a huge mess. Here she is trying to convince people to play the game with her.

"Right here, the translation says 'Oh, I'm not a genius, but I can work it out', what she actually said was 'I'm very smart, I just never got a chance to study.'

"That is a huge trope in Korean media – the poor person that is smart and clever but isn't wealthy, that's a huge part of her character.

"Almost everything she says is being botched translation wise [and here] you just missed what the writers want you to know about her.


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"It seems so small, but it's the entire character's purpose of being in the f****** show. Here's one more thing that got me really f***** up."

Youngmi goes on to share about example of where the subtitles have blurred what is really being said.

She shares an example from the old man, and Seong Gi-hun, where the old man calls Gi-hun 'Gganbu' which means a close friend who you can trust.

Youngmi claims that the episode "missed a really small line that is the point of the whole episode."

She says: "What that translates into is there is no ownership between me and you, not we share everything.

"That is a huge miss, that's like the entire point of this f***** episode, very, it's a very small sentence, but now it doesn't even make sense."

Here's how to watch the show without English dubbing

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