TikTok trainer’s ‘WAP’ workout twerks the weight away

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When fitfluencer Janelle Ginestra says it’s time to do “WAP,” please note: It ain’t your mama’s doo-wop. 

With 17.8 million views on TikTok, Ginestra’s Cardi B-inspired workout routine — the crown jewel of her Naughty Girl Fitness series — is giving fitness a facelift for 2021, one twerk at a time.

“I wanted to create a mix of badass workouts dripping with the element of fun,” Ginestra, 31, told The Post of her certifiably sexy classes, which are available in full on DanceTutorials.TV.

“We’re doing squats, lunges, crunches, pushups, punches and kicks. But instead of feeling like you’re doing a bunch of random workout moves, you feel like you’ve put on a whole dance performance to your favorite songs.”

She added: “I’m going to have you popping that ass!”

The Los Angeles-based professional choreographer debuted her Naughty Girl Fitness slimnastics on TikTok in November. She’s since stacked a student body of more than 1.5 million digital devotees, dedicated to bouncing their butts into shape with her 20-minute training sessions. 

“My favorite moves are the twerking pushups,” fan Alia Simone, 26, told The Post. “The exercise choreography is really dope. After a full class, I feel the burn, a good burn, and I’m proud of myself for getting in a good workout.”

Ginestra has choreographed a series of sweat sessions to songs including “Tap In,” by Saweetie, and “Juicy,” by Doja Kat. But her most popular workout video to date is her re-creation of the “WAP” routine — not surprising, given that Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s video for the raunchy hit has nearly 325 million YouTube views.

Plus, these steps have benefits beyond just looking seriously sexy.

Cardi’s signature move — twerking on all fours — is a full-body flex. The entire body has to work hard to stabilize the position, ensuring that the core is fired up, as well as the quads and arm muscles.

“The mix of the cardio from twerking and the conditioning from the bodyweight exercises is super important for losing weight and building up muscle,” Ginestra said. “In my ‘WAP’ routine, we’re engaging so many muscle groups as we’re working our legs to twerk or toning up our core and arms when we jump into plank or pushup position.”

Ready to bounce? Hit play, pump up the volume and check out Ginestra’s heart-pumping tutorial for how to do the “WAP” dance.

Work it with Janelle Ginestra’s “WAP” workout:

The seated fan kick

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