Twitch star says shes made $1million on OnlyFans in a month from lusty gamers

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Social media star Amouranth is well known for her live-streams on Twitch.

However, she recently joined racy platform OnlyFans after being banned and demonetised by Twitch in the past for breaking rules on “sexually suggestive” content.

And it seems to be paying off for her as the stunning redhead claims she's made $1million (£720,000) in just a month on OnlyFans.

It seems that the star can finally post the saucy content she wants, that Twitch doesn't allow.

The 27-year-old made some controversial Just Chatting streams on Twitch, including stream in which she sensually licked a microphone while lying on her bed.

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She was briefly banned for this content.

During a stream with YouTuber Ethan Klein, Amouranth was asked how much she has earned in June 2021.

She told him: "Yeah, 1.1 million last month.”

Amouranth said this was her "highest month ever" and said she was excited about it.

The beauty recently said that her naughty reputation for being banned on Twitch has even boosted her OnlyFans subscriber count.

Amouranth, whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, was last penalised by Twitch back in May after broadcasting in a bikini from a hot tub.

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She revealed at the time: "Yesterday I was informed that Twitch has Indefinitely Suspended Advertising on my channel.

"Twitch didn't reach out in any way whatsoever. I had to initiate the conversation after noticing, without any prior warning, all the ads revenue had disappeared from my Channel Analytics."

But the move led to hundreds of fans subscribing to her on OnlyFans in a matter of hours.

On Twitter, she wrote: “587 new subs on OF since the ban – mere hour or two ago.”

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Kaitlyn, who is from Houton, has more than 492,000 likes on the adult website.

She currently charges $8.24 (around £6) a month for fans to see her sexy content, which includes “intimate stuff” like “roleplay”, “bondage” and “teasing” videos.

Amouranth isn't the only Twitch star to be making a fortune on OnlyFans.

Streamer Alinity recently revealed she made more money on OnlyFans in two months than 10 years on Twitch.

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