Wacky toilets from around the world will leave you with questions

I’ll hold it in! Photos show bizarrely-designed public bathrooms – including urinals made from French horns and a toilet bowl covered in fake snow

  • Social media users from around the world have shared their unusual bathrooms 
  • While some are uniquely quirky, others simply raise health and safety questions 
  • One surprising photograph showed a bizarre urinal made from French horns

Most people would be quite content to have their lavatorial experience consist of a simple ceramic toilet in a clean, tiled bathroom. 

But it would seem not everyone agrees, with people around the world living on the edge as they prop and decorate the latrine in weird, wacky ways.

Here, a series of snaps show just how funny, bizarre – and at times terrifying – the outcomes of toilet tinkering can be.

Collected by Health and Wellness News from the Facebook group aptly titled Toilets With Threatening Auras, these pictures show the restroom concept deconstructed and thrown back together in the strangest places.  

Here, FEMAIL looks at some of the boldest and wildest lavatories – featuring icicles, musical instruments and more often than needed, great heights.

For those who are partial to a horn section, this trombone-themed lavatorial experience in Germany may just be the perfect thing to see in the powder room 

This creatively daunting toilet in Guadalajara, México was designed in an abandoned elevator shaft of a multi-storey building, adding a touch of drama and tension

Other than looking painful and uncomfortable, it is odd to think what got this entirely frozen over toilet to the state that it is in right now

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The difficulties with this toilet begin before you even enter the room, with a door fit for bizarrely slender proportions

For a futuristic feel, these egg-shaped pod-like toilets at Sketch restaurant, in London make the powder room seem like a much more chaotic experience

This exceptionally unique interior design choice leaves little to the imagination and a lot in  question 

Making for a rather stressful bathroom experience, it’s not entirely clear where the stairway directly next to this toilet leads do, or why it would need to be there

It’s not just the trumpets! This toilet positioned right next to a piano is perfect for any aspiring virtuosos looking to squeeze practice in whenever possible

The atmosphere lighting and creepy walls on the eyes of this toilet stall would make anyone feel both watched and unnerved

Making for the perfect urinal experience for anyone who never likes to stay too far away from their pal, these two latrines are so close together they’re practically touching 

That’s going to hurt! This haunting, ornately decorated toilet is pictured with an icicle sticking directly out of the bowl

This tiny toilet is not even as tall as the waste basket near it – making for an extremely uncomfortable fit

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