‘We were kicked out of work over “inappropriate” outfits and don’t know why’

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    Finding an outfit for work in the morning can be a difficult task.

    That’s why when you’ve finally found the right one, it’s can be incredibly frustrating to be sent home by your employer.

    A variety of women have been left feeling outraged after being sent home – and in some cases, fired – after being told they dress “inappropriately”.

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    Here the Daily Star has shared their stories.

    A “distracting” outfit

    A smartly dressed woman says she was sent home from work because of her outfit.

    Posting under her TikTok username @NotMarieDee, she revealed she was wearing a V-neck top and black trousers – and asked her followers if she should quit.

    The exact issue with her outfit was unspecified, however, her V-neck was low enough to show some of her cleavage.

    Some people said her outfit might have "distracted" them and would give them a headache.

    Others were quick to jump to her defence and told her she looked "great and professional".

    Many agreed that she shouldn't be punished for how her body looked in her clothing.

    Too much bum

    Healthcare worker Giselle Thanh was left stunned after her boss made a complaint about her “inappropriate” work outfit as he said it left her "backside showing".

    Giselle Thanh's outfit consisted of a pair of black trouser-like leggings and a simple cropped blue jumper, which she had previously worn with no issues.

    She uploaded a video to TikTok , explaining how her boss said her clothes were unfit for work.

    "My boss called me into her office saying a manager made a complaint about my work attire,” @ your_em_ wrote.

    "Apparently, my backside is showing too much, and it's inappropriate."

    Giselle added: "Leggings are allowed at my job, but I was asked to change my leggings today."

    Most viewers took to the comments to defend her after she showed off the outfit.

    Punished for body shape

    Nina Osegueda claims she lost two office jobs after being told she was 'dressed too sexy' because office wear highlights her hourglass figure

    She took to TikTok to reply to a trend which asked users to reveal "something a job has taught you that you will never forget".

    In the clip, she stands side-on to the mirror in a style of dress that would be deemed office wear before turning to the front to reveal her hourglass figure.

    "I learned that no matter how appropriately I'm dressed, my body is so distracting that I will never be dressed appropriately for the workplace," she said.

    In a follow-up video, she added: "The first time it happened, I was working as a software trainer where I was teaching people, Adobe and I was laid off.

    "The guy laying me off, the manager told me that I dressed 'too sexy'. And the second time it happened, I was working at an office in DC.

    "The female office manager told a coworker that I was wearing a club dress, which was a knee-length dress that wasn't even fitted … So yeah, I've gotten it twice and it's all while wearing perfectly appropriate office wear. It's just my shape."

    'Inappropriate' shorts

    Another woman was left outraged after allegedly being fired from her retail job because her boss said she dressed "inappropriately".

    Shocked by her treatment, the retail worker took to her TikTok account @queen._of_.spades to share her story.

    "They sent me home for dressing inappropriately. Apparently, shorts is a no-go," she explained, showing off her ensemble.

    "Who made shorts to be inappropriate for work? Are they?

    "Tell me. Cause I'm still p****d. Do I have the right to be? Why is being a girl so hard?"

    She added in the comment section: "Not working there anymore! Pretty sure I was fired!"

    While many people were quick to console the woman, others pointed out shorts are rarely acceptable work attire.


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