Who'll find love on our virtual date? This week it's Helen and Paula

Who’ll find love on our virtual date? This week it’s Helen, 43 and Paula, 39, but will romance be on the cards?

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  • Business coach Helen, 43, and animal talent agent Paula, 39, shared their date
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Helen, 43, (pictured) who has been separated for two years is a business coach 

HELEN, 43, 

Dating past?

I was with my ex-husband for almost a decade. We got married in 2012, and since we split two years ago, I’ve eased myself back into dating both men and women.

Vital Statistics

Separated for two years, no children.

Current Role

Business coach.

Would Like To Meet

Someone who enjoys culture, food and nature. I’m bisexual and open to dating a man or a woman. I don’t want to be too prescriptive, either

I’ve been internet dating this year and have met up with people for walks outside. It’s a gentle way to get to know someone, and far less intimidating than sitting in a restaurant or bar for hours.

Pre-Date Nerves?

I had a few jitters but I like a frisson of anticipation. I know it’s cliche, yet I decided to wear my little black dress because I feel good in it.

First Impressions?

Paula looked lovely and was wearing a black and white top. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but she is easy-going and I was delighted to see she had also chosen to drink a gin and tonic — I took that as a good sign.

Easy To Talk To?

Paula helped me feel relaxed. It’s obvious she loves animals and while we chatted about her work as an animal talent agent I got to see her two rescue dogs on camera.

She made me laugh when she talked about working with a hairless sphynx cat on a TV gameshow. Instead of remaining on stage, the cat ran towards the audience.

I discovered we both love live music and poetry recitals, miss hugging, and sometimes end up crying in public.

Embarrassing Moments?

There was a rather cute moment when we both confessed to checking out one another’s celebrity crushes. Mine is Dita Von Teese and Paula’s is Kate Moss.

Liked? Paula is a warm person.

Regrets? None — I love meeting new people.

See Her Again? No.

Did Sparks Fly?

I can only be complimentary about Paula. We spent an hour and a half chatting on Zoom and that was enough time to get to know her. I didn’t really feel any chemistry, although that can be hard to gauge via video, but she seems nice.

Would you like to meet in person?

No, the Covid situation in Wales, where I live, has made it difficult to leave and enter the country, so it wouldn’t be a good idea. We didn’t exchange numbers, either. Paula lives in Liverpool and that’s too far away for me.

What do you think she thought of you?

Probably akin to what I think of her: that she is friendly and warm.

Would your family like her?

Yes, she is very likeable.

Paula, 39, (pictured) who has been single for nine months is an animal talent agent 


Dating Past?

While I’m bisexual, my last long-term relationship was with a man. We were together for eight years but ended up as friends.

Vital Statistics 

Single for nine months, no children.

Current Role

Animal talent agent.

Would Like To Meet

Someone ambitious and intelligent, who can laugh at themselves. They must be an animal lover and be caring, too. I’m not into posers.

This year has been a waste of time for dating. Even when you click with someone on an app, you can’t meet in real life.

Pre-Date Nerves?

When I told my mum I was going on a virtual date, she was excited. I started to get nervous as the date drew closer, and spent ages picking the right outfit, touching up my make-up and fluffing my hair. I also got a gin and tonic ready, along with some nice Italian food.

First Impressions?

Helen is stunning. She’s so beautiful. She wore a paisley black dress, which made me wonder if she liked the late musician Prince. I wore a pretty silk blouse.

Easy To Talk To?

It felt like I was talking to a long-lost friend. We bonded over our love of festivals. We also both enjoy spoken-word poetry and are fans of Benjamin Zephaniah.

Helen has travelled to the U.S., and I used to live in Fresno, near San Francisco, so we talked about where she had visited.

We also had a real giggle over our celebrity crushes. I adore Kate Moss, and Helen definitely has a facial resemblance to her, and also oozes style.

Paula’s Verdict: 8/10 

Liked? Our date didn’t feel pressurised.

Regrets? None at all.

See Her Again? Yes, as friends.

She wrapped up the date after 90 minutes — I could have chatted for hours, but she’d had a long day and was tired.

Embarrassing Moments?

My dogs made an absolute fool of me. They are mixed-breed rescue dogs and, even though they’d been on their best behaviour all day, they kept barking after I went online. Fortunately Helen was understanding.

Did sparks fly?

I thought there might be sparks within the first few seconds, but then I found Helen felt more like a friend.

Would you like to meet in person?

I’d love to meet her in person, but as friends.

What do you think she thought of you?

I don’t think Helen felt attracted to me, but I hope she found me easy to get along with.

Would your family like her?

Mum would have said ‘Helen is the one for you’.

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