Woman accidentally posts clip of her sneezing – wakes up to see it has 10m views

A young woman was left stunned when she woke up to find one of her videos racking up 10 million views overnight.

Jiddana Dusturia, from the regency of Banyuwangi in the Indonesian province of East Java, accidentally uploaded a video of her sneezing in front of the camera on to her TikTok page @jiddussgrinaaa03.

In the clip, the high school student, known by friends as Grina, is seen dressed in her school uniform as she sits down to address the camera.

She suddenly sneezes, forcing her to re-film the video.

Jiddana said: "I left the [sneeze] video in the drafts, and then I accidentally pressed upload before I went to bed.

"At that time I didn’t realise that it had been uploaded to my TikTok."

Many viewers commented that her video had appeared on their For You page (FYP), meaning the content had gone viral.

The schoolgirl added: "The next day my group chats were flooded [by people] saying that [my video] had entered FYP!"

Jiddana told local news site Tribun that the clip was actually a blooper from another video she posted, adding that her nose started to itch as soon as she started filming.

One viewer joked: "100% viral content."

"Your video appeared on my FYP even without any captions or hashtags," another wrote.

A third wondered: "A sneeze can get 200,000 likes? I'm done editing videos now."

The next day, Jiddana uploaded the original version of a lip sync clip on her TikTok, saying: "Introduce this inner boy who has been FYP because of sneezing only."

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