Woman cancels first date after ‘bad feeling’ – then gets torrent of nasty texts

A woman has shared the tirade of vile messages she received after deciding to cancel her first date last minute because she had a "bad feeling".

Madz, from Carolina, US, spared no details on her dating horror story and revealed the text messages sent by her potential date, who she claimed to be an investment banker, on TikTok.

Thousands of viewers agreed that her gut feeling helped her "dodge a bullet".

In the video, Madz reacts to the screenshot of the abusive text messages, which started after she told him "I think you're intoxicated".

The man hurled insults at her and called her "delusional".

He then carried on, saying: "You're not that hot. How dare you waste my time.

"You should probably go back home and get married.

"You have no decency, tell me a no."

Madz asked him to stop texting but the man then sent a long message, suggesting Madz is probably "very young and socially retarded" and that she should learn to respect people's time.

In a follow-up video, Madz said she had met the person on her work commute.

She says: "He stopped me, told me that I look beautiful and he would love to take me out for dinner one night.

"He was really, really cute and I was excited. But once I gave him my number, he texted me the very next day and he checked in four times to make sure that I was still going to come.

"That just seems odd to me and I talk to my mum, she felt it's kind of weird too.

"That's where all the gut feeling came. It was just too much, too fast."

Viewers were happy for her decision and agreed that the frequent check-in was too much to handle.

One wrote: "Girl you did an awesome thing with trusting your gut! Those are extreme red flags."

"Always good to use mum as a sounding board!" another added.

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