Woman shares 'secret' way of getting cheaper supermarket items

Many supermarkets have make their own brand of popular items, which cost less.

And yet, people still go for the more expensive one, despite the products being the same or similar.

One savvy shopper says you can tell when two products are exactly the same when they have matching batch codes.

Maneet Kaur. from Leicester, has been sharing her supermarket tips, including the ‘secret’ codes that shoppers can look out for on their next haul.

The 28-year-old said watching out for those numbers – and going for the cheaper alternative – has cut her costs by a half.

In a TikTok video, Maneet showed off her finds, showing how a 500g packet of penne pasta from Tesco cost 53p while another by Hearty Food Co – which had a matching batch code – was on sale for 29p.

Maneet said the contents would be the same as they had been produced in the same place.

..so essentially its the same pasta 🙄 This is the same for alot of other foods too! #myroots #artober #foodhack #moneytrees #ukfood

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Inspired by another video which showed that medication available at pharmacy’s are usually identical to their expensive counterparts, but due to being a popular brand, there are costs added on.

Maneet said: ‘I work in the food industry so know that whatever product we make will have a supplier code on it for traceability.

‘I went into a supermarket and looked at staple foods like beans, pasta and bread and looked at the codes.

‘It didn’t surprise me but essentially it’s all about how these brands market it to the consumer.

‘The only thing I can do is make people more aware that buying branded is not always the best option and we need to be more conscious about the tricks supermarkets use.’

Maneet said shoppers should weigh all their options, checking out items that may not be easily visible.

She added: ‘Branded food will most likely be at eye level while unbranded, cheaper items will be either on the top or bottom shelf.

‘I’m sure if people had the time and were interested, the same could be applied to many other food items.’

Now you know what to watch out for.

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