Woman who thought shed never have s*** tattoo gets dodgy drunken inking

It's not uncommon to come back from holiday with a souvenir.

Usually these come in the form of tacky fridge magnets or maybe a questionably shaped shot glass that is tucked away at the back of the cupboard forevermore.

But for Katie Gloster, her memento from her recent time abroad is not something that would be easily forgotten about.

The brunette babe will always remember her jet setting days as her souvenir is something more, well, permanent.

Katie swore that she would never get a tattoo on holiday – that is until now.

In a viral TikTok clip that has racked up a huge 883,000 views, she donned a figure hugging backless white dress that exposed the sideboob area.

Katie first shared: “I would never get a s*** tattoo on holiday.”

But she was quick to prove herself wrong.

In the next clip, the jet-setter revealed a snap of the bottom of her big toe, which has now been inked with the face of a shark.

She only spent €17 (£15) on the tattoo, which may be why it isn't a masterpiece.

She giggled: "All I can say is tequila."

It’s safe to say she will not be forgetting that trip abroad any time soon!

Although Katie is not a fan of her new body art, many people fled to the comments to share they have sought inspiration from the aquatic themed ink.

One person commented: “Shall we get a matching one of these.”

Another user added: “Why do I love it though.”

Whilst a third person giggled: “I got a sambuca shot glass tattooed on me in Ayia Napa.”

Someone else chuckled: “Deffo going to be us in Maga.”

And, a fifth user declared: “I want one.”

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