Yoga teacher stretches naked on the beach and doesnt care what others think

A woman who has been teaching naked yoga lesson wants to break the stigma surrounding social nudity.

Jessa O'Brien, 32, from Queensland, Australia, started sunbathing topless on the beach when she was 18.

The nudist began the practice in a bid to avoid tan lines on her body.

But she was put off by the unwanted attention she received from strangers so she started going to nudist beaches.

She said: "We were so surprised at how relaxed and friendly the nudists on the beach were.

"As a younger female, it was so refreshing that I could be topless and not feel like people were gawking or judging."

While backpacking around Europe in 2015, she volunteered at a clothing optional campsite where she embraced it for the first time.

There Jessa fell in love with the freedom of non-sexual nudity and being able to socialise with others who were nude as well.

Then in 2016, she started her page, "The Nude Blogger", to help remove the stigma that many associate with a nudist lifestyle.

The following year, Jessa started a naked yoga class as a way for fellow nudists to get together without the fear of judgement.

And in 2020, right before Covid hit, the teacher took her body positive naked yoga classes online.

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She has since taught more than 600 students across the globe and charges £27 per month for her online classes.

Jessa explained: "My classes are a great opportunity to explore these themes and learn to become more comfortable in their skin.

"My naked yoga classes are an opportunity to really experience non-sexual social nudity in a safe and non-judgemental space."

The educator has an incredible 154,000 followers on Instagram where she advocates the nudist lifestyle without judgement.

She also shares her classes on her Patreon account too.

Jessa revealed: "People [in my yoga classes] are wanting to embrace nudity and incorporate more social nudity into their lives.

"Some of them are just seeking guidance or an avenue that feels right for them.

"Either way, we all have to start somewhere, and these women are pioneers in their own right."

Offering her advice to others, she concluded: "Start with getting comfortable with your own nudity in your own home first.

"Sleep naked more often. Do your house chores in the nude (safety first, always). Do your admin in the nude."

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She continued: "When you're ready to explore social nudity, perhaps head along to a reputable nude beach; and go from there.

"Our bodies are sacred and I believe we should treat them as such. Learn not to care what others think."

To follow and join in Jessa's journey visit her website.

And to join her online naked yoga classes, you can sign up here.

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