10 Celebrity Insecurities That Remind Us They’re Human, Too

We are all human, but certain elements level the playing field for everyone walking on earth. Celebrities are often known for their star power, ability to captivate a room, and even embody perfection on a stage or screen. People often look to celebrities as an outlet from the day to day – it’s cool to see someone in the spotlight living their best life, but that lifestyle may come with an ounce of doubt. Celebrities are the social elite that defines what is cool when it is cool and how long it is cool.

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There has been a fascination with celebrities since the beginning of time but what most people don’t realize is that celebrities are human just like everyone else. Let’s take a look at 10 celebrities that remind us they’re human too.

10 Charlamagne Tha God

Ain’t No such thing as half-way crooks. Radio DJ and airwave shock specialist Charlamagne Tha God is known for his brash delivery and ability to ask the juicy questions people want to know about. He’s also a 2x NYT Best Seller and helping lead the charge on anxiety.

Charlamagne is very candid about his days as a hustler and even offers a sense of regret for his actions, but with that regret comes a sense of paranoia. He has stated multiple times that he is always aware of his surroundings if someone would try to get even, it’s insecurity he must live with from day today.

9 Mariah Carey

The self-proclaimed Queen of R&B melodies such as ”Honey” and “We Belong Together” is known for being over the type unless she gets her way. She has grown accustomed to making demands for appearances, interviews, and performances.

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Queen Mariah has stated numerous times that her demands aren’t to be taken lightly and are requested to maximize her comfortability when belting out the world’s favorite songs. Once noted for her outlandish riders Mariah has displayed the persona that is associated with being a diva, but it’s whatever floats your boat right? Word of the wise when working with Mariah -make sure you’re your p’s and q’s.

8 Doja Cat

Once draped in a scantily clad cow costume for her hit video “Moo!” Doja Cat better known as Amala Zandile Diamini has battled with what society defines as beauty for years. The curvaceous sultry r&b singer hasn’t always exuded confidence when making music videos. She has stated in interviews that fans have often commented on her dimensions, criticizing her goodies and the decision not have surgery.

She has stated it took years to overcome the comments fans would place on under her pictures, but ultimately she knows that her body is what makes her unique.

7 Iskra Lawrence

The full-figured phenom known for her confidence when walking the runway hasn’t always been comfortable in her skin. In a society that is known to shame Iskra did not take the traditional route when pursuing the modeling world nor does she fit the prototype for runway models, but records/standards are meant to be broken.

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Iskra accepts and acknowledges her voluptuous frame – in her captions, she always emphasizes her appreciation for her body pointing out her cellulite and unconventional form of beauty. As an advocate for beauty and fashion Iskra has helped paved the way for full-figured women who want to grace the stage of Victoria Secret, New York Fashion Week or a space that caters towards fashion.

6 Eminem

Will the real Marshall Mathers please stand up? Known for his gangster street persona behind the microphone Eminem has been in his fair share of beef with literally every rapper under the sun. On “Halie’s Song” from The Eminem Show he belts out “ My insecurities could eat me alive”.

Having a rough upbringing in which he was at odd ends with his Mother Mr. Mathers has stated on numerous occasions that he is insecure about dealing with the family aspect of life and wants to give his daughter the life she never had. The insecurity that helped him become one of the many faces of hip hop is also responsible for his battle with depression and drug addiction.

5 DJ Khaled

The Father of Asad has made his stake as the super-producer that curates the summer anthem for the hip hop community – he certainly doesn’t fly below the radar. Actually, he doesn’t fly at all, DJ Khaled’s preferred method of transportation is his decked-out tour bus which is equipped with a bedroom, multiple TVs and a stocked fridge at all times. 

He has stated he is simply not comfortable in the air on a powered matching that could essentially fall out the sky at any given, but that doesn’t stop him.DJ Khaled and his team map out his day to ensure the legendary hitmaker can focus on the big picture which is making timeless classics.

4 Dolly Parton

Known for her over the top hair and country classics such as ‘Jolene’ and ‘Rockin Years’ Dolly Parton hasn’t been shy about her career in the entertainment industry. She has acknowledged her decision to undergo multiple plastic surgeries to enhance her bust -line but at the end of the day, it is something she is comfortable with. She has stated in previous articles that she was Lady Gaga before Lady Gaga an omission that indicates her ability to go against the grain and defy the odds.

She also an ongoing friendship with Miley Cyrus, drawing on their similarities to stand out. If you notice in her pictures Dolly is always smiling ear to ear to exemplify that she is now comfortable in her skin, because the show must go on.

3 Antonio Brown

The one-man touchdown brigade known as Antonio Brown has certainly been at the epicenter of drama for the year of 2019-2020. He started the year for the new-look Raiders which spiraled out of control when he produced a homemade ‘I’m free’ video on social media before joining the Patriots. AB has always been one to walk on the wild side and his antics have helped bolster the saying that Wide Receivers are problematic divas.

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His insecurities span from his constant need for attention and approval. From his outburst on the sideline to his social media rants it’s safe to say that Antonio battles with internal demons that sadly made him a free agent for the current NFL season.

2 Logic

The wordsmith who has climbed the charts with his ability to create dope tracks has admitted his struggles with social media. In his 2017 jam 1-800-273-8255 Logic states ‘they say every life precious but don’t anybody care about mine’ referencing the fact that he is alone in this so thing called life.

He also points to social media and the never-ending comments left by a troll as one of the factors that influence his day today. Logic works hard at his craft and is a true hip hop artist that doesn’t take lightly to hateful remarks by those that don’t know his background, he combats this insecurity by writing down his feelings which eventually turn into classics for the world to enjoy.

1 Kim Kardashian

The mom of four and wife of the only Kanye West exudes confidence, but she also has many reservations about her body. Once donned the sexiest woman on the planet she has admitted her obsession with perfection and how she deals with unwarranted comments from fans and media.

Living under the microscope of social media Kim K is very cognizant of the outfits selected and images she shares with the world. Any blemish, skin discoloration or eyesore is met with a distaste, but still, she pushes through. Kim has chosen to use her platform to combat social injustice and help change the narrative that she is just eye candy.

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