A Psychic Convinced Jennifer Lopez to Go on Tour

Jennifer Lopez went on her “Dance Again” tour in 2012. Here’s what the former American Idol judge said about the psychic who helped her make her decision to go on her first world tour.

Jennifer Lopez tried to plan a world tour four times

Lopez tried many times to plan a tour. However, she would get busy and her tour plans would fall apart. In her book True Love, Lopez says she would plan to do a tour but then she would get a movie role. This complicated things because movie schedules aren’t as flexible as tour schedules.

The truth was, I had planned to do a world tour three or four times in the past. We’d do all the planning and get all the way to the stage where we were making the deals—and then I’d get a part in a movie. A tour you can move around, but when a movie comes up, it shoots when it shoots, and you’re either in or you’re out.

So, we would always say, ‘OK, let’s move the tour dates.’ And then somehow, even though we meant only to postpone, it always ended up falling apart. But because my records kept selling, even without the tours to support them, nobody seemed to mind that they weren’t happening.

Jennifer Lopez began to doubt her ability to do a tour

As time went on, Lopez says she began to doubt herself. She wasn’t sure she had what it took to pull off a tour. She said others began to doubt her, so she also began to doubt her ability. “Many people seemed to doubt I could actually do a tour,” wrote Lopez. “Never having done one, I have to admit, I wasn’t sure either. Would I have the stamina to be on the road so long? Could I really sing live and dance and do all those shows all those nights in a row? Would my voice hold up? Would it be too much for the kids?”

Lopez says every now and then she would call her manager and tell him she changed her mind about the tour. “We went back and forth, talking and thinking and weighing it all out,” wrote Lopez. “The tour was on; the tour was off. In my heart I knew I could do it, but my brain kept pulling me back.”

A psychic convinced Jennifer Lopez to go on tour

Lopez says she thought about a visit she had with a psychic 10 years earlier. She says thinking about what he said convinced her it was time to do a tour. The psychic told her a tour would help her grow as a person and go to a higher spiritual level. Lopez says she was struck by the fact that he became so emotional about her journey.

“I looked at him and was shocked to see that he had tears in his eyes,” wrote Lopez. “Now, I don’t know that I really believed in all of what he had to say, but I never forgot his words. And after all the pain I’d been through, I wanted my old self back— strong me, happy me, dancing me. Maybe this tour was the answer.” Lopez says she was in rehearsals one month later.

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