Ant Middleton says boozed-up lads constantly pick fights to test his strength

Ant Middleton cannot go for a pint in the pub because boozed-up punters want to start fights with him.

The former elite soldier said that people try to see how hard he really is since he found fame in Channel 4 show SAS: Who Dares Wins.

Ant, 39, said: “I’ve always had trouble when I’ve gone out.

“Once upon a time it was just standard alpha stuff, the other guy doesn’t care who you are, they just want to prove they’re the top man in that bar on that particular night.

“Now, though, with the profile I have, it’s much more, ‘Let’s see how hard the SAS man really is’.

“Then, the call comes up, ‘Come on, Ant, let’s have an arm wrestle.’

“I fend them off, fend them off, but I’m already wondering if the evening is worth the hassle.

“If I stay there for another hour it goes to the next level.

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“I’ll try to go to the toilet and the same group who earlier were asking for selfies and praising my shows now block my path as if to say, ‘See if the SAS man can get past me’.

“It’s not fun to have to say to your mates, ‘Sorry, lads, that’s my night over,’ but I know that if I get into a fight, they’ll feel duty bound to kick off too.

So, as a way of avoiding unnecessary negativity, I don’t really go to normal bars now.”

Ant, who served time in prison for fighting with police outside a nightclub seven years ago, admitted in his new book Zero Negativity that he cannot risk a similar incident or it would end his new telly career.

He said: “I know I’m a role model, I know I inspire people.

“I have to practise what I preach.”

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