Bradley Walsh exposed I’m A Celeb Shane Richie’s affair to cheating Coleen Nolan

The Chase host Bradley Walsh shopped Shane Richie to Coleen Nolan during their troubled marriage.

Coleen admitted she had an affair in her memoirs and confided in showbiz pal Bradley.

But he told her about I’m A Celebrity star Shane: “He’s not so innocent either.”

The Loose Women pundit said she cheated on Shane with a musician she was on tour with in the 1990s.

The mum-of-three wrote how she was "infatuated" with him and was "craving him every time [she] saw him", leading to her trying to forget about Shane back home.

However she recalls how she thought Shane knew something was going on at the time.

She wrote in her book No Regrets how she turned to Bradley for some advice – even though her affair "wasn't exactly a secret".

Coleen wrote: "Everyone knew, and I think the other members of the band and crew could all see that we really cared for each other.

“Bradley and I got on very well, as he’d previously dated my sister Bernie, so one day when we were sitting outside on the prom, I told him, ‘I feel so guilty, but I have all these feelings for him.’

“‘I’m not being funny, Coleen,’ Bradley replied. ‘I get on great with Shane, but you don’t need to feel as guilty as you do. He’s not so innocent either.’

“‘Well, you might be right, Bradley,’ I sighed. ‘But I can’t make a fuss about rumours, particularly after what I’ve been doing.'"

Coleen remembered how she had heard rumours about Shane "messing around" with a girl in his show, but she wasn't so quick to believe them.

The 55-year-old went on to reveal that Shane had been so paranoid about her own extra marital affairs that he'd bugged her phone.

And things came crashing down when he confronted her about some phone calls she'd made that she had tried to hide.

“I looked at him with tears in my eyes. I just knew I couldn’t deny it. ‘I’m sorry,’ I sobbed," she wrote.

Eventually, the showbiz couple split up and divorced in 1999.

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