Charlotte Crosby says Dancing On Ice dream is over and claims its their loss

Charlotte Crosby has been very vocal about wanting to star on Dancing On Ice, but after ten years of being on the tele – she'd fed up with not landing the role.

When talking about other shows she'd like to do, she revealed after doing most of them it was only the hit ITV skating show that was left on her TV bucket list.

In an exclusive chat with the Daily Star, Charlotte, 31, revealed: "It was only ever Dancing On Ice I wanted to do, I've never wanted to do Strictly.

"Don't get us wrong I've been invited but I've just never got it."

"I think the dream of that is over. I don't think I'm going to go try anymore if I'm honest. I've tried, and it's a no from them. So, I think that dream is over…"

The Geordie Shore star also took a dig at the show as she said she thought a lot of people would rather see her on the show than the current contestants lined up for the 2022 series.

She added: "But right now I have no thrill to do any sort of TV – I've done absolutely everything you can ever think of.

"I've done every reality show going, I've been on TV for ten years now, a decade now, which makes me feel old saying that. I present my own show, Just Tattoo Of Us, going forward if that was to ever come back, that's what I would be doing."

The idea of a big Geordie Shore reunion was also brought up, but Charlotte didn't seem overly keen but explained she would be up for coming back for a one-night special.

She continued: "I would go back as a one-night thing, yeah, but not as a full kind of series. I could still hack it, but I just can't be bothered."

The gorgeous TV personality was also happy to be sharing the launch of her brand-new fitness app titled Blitz n Burn.

Talking about her new fitness venture, Charlotte said: "It's back and bigger than ever. There are meal plans, 28-day challenge on there, it's ever-growing.

"We've only just launched it and we are doing more filming at the end of the month.

She added: "So if you loved the DVD then you're going to love the app. The DVD was just one workout on one DVD that people watched over and over again – this has so much more variety.

“I have worked so hard on my fitness journey, I am finally in a place where I am healthy, happy and body confident and I can’t wait to share that all with everyone."

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