Elvis: Lisa Marie ‘loved to be bossy’ during Graceland childhood ‘We had damn good times’

Elvis Presley: Priscilla and Lisa Marie discuss singer in 2012

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After his separation and divorce from Priscilla, Elvis Presley would have his only daughter Lisa Marie stay at Graceland when she wasn’t in Los Angeles with her mother. But since The King slept all day, the cheeky little girl would have full run of the Memphis mansion without barely any discipline. Being the daughter of the biggest music and movie star in the world was quite the upbringing as fans can only imagine.

One of Lisa Marie’s childhood friends was Danny Smith, the son of Memphis Mafia member and Elvis’ cousin Billy Smith.

In his latest YouTube video, her former playmate was answering some fan questions when he was asked if Lisa was “a Karen with you all?”

Karen is a slang term referring to an overbearing, privileged woman who is entitled and demanding.

Danny admitted: “Yeah I guess you could say she was but with that being said, let me say this too…”

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