Elvis Presley ex Linda Thompson unveils comment he made before ‘downward spiral’

The King of rock 'n' roll Elvis Presley's old flame Linda Thompson has opened up about her former 'self destructing' partner in a heartfelt interview.

Linda and Elvis shared an incredibly close bond during their four year relationship together and even continued their friendship beyond their romance, right up until Elvis' death.

In the heartbreaking discussion the former beauty queen and actress shared her companions inner and intimate thoughts that he shared with her right before he plunged into a 'downward spiral'.

The mother of Brandon and Brody Jenner, met heartthrob hunk in 1972 at a private movie screening following his split from wife Priscilla Presley.

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Even though Linda was 15 year his junior at the time of meeting, their relationship blossomed and they began dating swiftly after.

After becoming overwhelmed and struggling to cope with the down days, Linda eventually succumbed, walking away from her 4 year relationship with the Elvis.

Speaking out for the first time on The Dean Z Show the 69-year-old said: "The year we shared sort of equates to 10 or 12 years in a normal life.

"In a normal relationship, you go to work, you come back, you meet for a few hours, you have dinner, you go to sleep.

"The next day you’re both off doing your thing but with Elvis it was so intense, it was so 24/7."

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Reflecting back on an intimate conversation they'd shared previously she aired Elvis' deep and tragic views of himself.

During a philosophical discussion she urged Elvis to disclose his worst flaw.

After digesting her question for a minute he responded with his emotional answer: "Well, I’m probably only gonna say this once, but I think I’m a little bit self-destructive."

His harrowing comment later resonated with Linda, she continued: "That stuck with me in the later years because he recognised it but he had already started the downward spiral and I don’t think he could stop it."

On the subject of the Hound Dog hitmaker’s decline, she continued: "Once I realised that Elvis took sleeping medication and sometimes some other things that maybe interacted with that.

Reflecting back over the years, Linda also recounted how, Elvis struggled to breathe properly, leading to the beauty pageant queen needing to put in a distress call to the emergency serves.

Surrendering to his demons and the downward spiral Elvis Presley tragically took his final breath on 16th August, 1977, leaving behind his 9 year old daughter Lisa Marie Presley.

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