Goggleboxs Sophie obsessed with nephew as Pete jokes about baby coming on show

The news broke that Gogglebox's Pete Sandiford had welcomed a new baby son into the world during the night of the National Television Awards on Thursday.

But auntie Sophie Sandiford had a few words to add about the arrival of her new little nephew.

The conversation started with Julie Malone accepting the award in the winner's room and saying: "I hope you don't mind me also saying congratulations to Pete who is now a father.

The room erupted in applause with Pete adding: "It's all going on at the moment.

"He's a cool little lad who takes after his mum, not me."

To which sister Sophie replied: "And his auntie…"

When asked if the baby will appear on Gogglebox in the future, Pete jokingly deferred the question and said "you will have to ask him".

Auntie Sophie then opened up on how she felt about the news and she said: "It's absolutely amazing. I'm obsessed with him.

"I'm definitely going to be babysitting.

"Every time I see him I'm like 'can I hold him? can I feed him? can I change his nappy?'"

Pete then chimed in to say: "You hold him more than me – I just get him in the middle of the right when he needs his nappy changing."

The comments came after the siblings won a gong alongside their Gogglebox cast at the National Television Awards 2021 for Factual Show, which took place at the O2 Arena in London.

The 26-year-old Pete previously revealed that he was going to be a dad on the beloved Channel 4 show as he shared a photo of his baby scan to his sister and co-star Sophie.

He told sister Sophie: "Here we go, look at this," before admitting that he couldn't believe that he was going to be a dad.

He said: "Innit mad? I am actually going to be a dad to somebody."

Sophie replied: "Crazy. Life’s coming at you fast."

It follows the Blackpool lad's recent news of his secret wedding to his wife Paige Yeomans, with this being their first son.

Pete first revealed his engagement to his fiancé Paige on the programme back in February.

It is thought that stunning brunette Paige works as an Emergency Service Call Handler, and studied English Language and Linguistics at university.

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