Holly Willoughby keeps mouth shut on This Morning to avoid offending woke mob

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Holly Willoughby says she won’t speak her mind on This Morning in case it upsets snowflakes.

She confessed that she fears saying anything controversial could lead to an onslaught of online abuse.

Holly, 40, said: “To fit in with other people’s expectations of me, I have ended up simplifying myself and swallowing my voice so that I stay in the pigeonhole I’m expected to sit in.

“This can mean watering myself down. The moment you have an opinion or come down hard on one side of a debate or the other, in somebody’s eyes it will be seen as controversial or wrong.”

In her new book Reflections, Holly said she holds back from what she really feels because she wants to avoid a cancel culture-fuelled backlash because she has three kids to look after.

She explained: “So I err on the side of caution because I want to go home and be a mum and focus on other things in my life.

“To go out on a limb and to speak your own truth can be scary, so it’s easier just to use other people’s words and thoughts and opinions.

“But every time you do that, you lose sight of your own. You don’t know what you want anymore. You don’t know how you feel.”

As well as her new book, Holly recently launched her website Wylde Moon – a personal website with which she will share her favourite "people, places, practices and products".

When Holly launched the website, she said that she "re-discovered herself" while she was on I'm A Celebrity due to the alternative therapies available in Australia.

She said she wanted to promote a true sense of self, igniting your intuition and knowing your self worth all as part of the launch of the new brand.

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