LadBaby Mum in tears recalling devastating time they were too poor to buy food

Roxanne Hoyle of LadBaby fame was left in tears as she told her followers about a time when her and husband Mark's money was so tight they struggled to pay for food.

The social media stars have released a food-related Christmas song – Don't Stop Me Eating – to raise money for food bank charity Trussell Trust, and it is in the running to get this year's Christmas No1.

Knowing just how devastating food poverty can be, Roxanne, 36, told their 1million YouTube subscriers about a time when she and Mark hadn't been able to afford their £20 weekly shop.

In a video, Roxanne became emotional as she explained how during one shopping trip, the bill had come to £20.70 and she was 70p short.

"I always will go back to a point in our lives when me and Mark had to go on a budget," she said in the tearful clip.

She explained: "Me and Mark decided to become parents and we went down to single parent income.

"There was a budget every week after all the bills and everything that life costs and we had £20 per week to buy food.

"This particular day we went to the supermarket and we had £20. We had the nappies, we had the shower gel, pasta, just the basic things you need.

"I remember getting to the checkout. The lady put it all through and she was like, 'That's £20.70.'"

Roxanne went on: "I was just like, 'Oh my God.' It was sheer panic. I had £20 exactly.

"I will never forget the person at the back. I come and put the nappies and baby wipes back. I was like we will have to go without."

But a man checked Roxanne was alright and gave her a pound to help.

"You want to give your kids everything and at the time I just wanted to hug him," she said.

"I will never forget how that felt as a mum. I never want anyone to be sitting at that dinner table saying, they're eating, but they have nothing in front of them.

"People can judge but I don't want people to feel embarrassed by that."

Nowadays, it's highly unlikely Roxanne and Mark will have to worry about being short on cash, as their company MRPK Ltd, which has been active since August 2017, has a net worth in 2020 of £1.2million, according to Company Check.

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