Lil Durk Mocks a Man Trying to Attack a Woman at Connecticut Concert: I Should F**k You Up

After the ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’ spitter calls out the man from his stage, the said man insists that he was actually defending his girlfriend who was about to get jumped.

AceShowbizLil Durk is making clear that he wants no violence at his concert. During his concert at Bridgeport, Connecticut, the “Laugh Now Cry Later” rapper mocked a man who was trying to fight a woman.

In a video surfacing online, the 29-year-old hip-hop artist could be seen pausing his show, which was held on Sunday, April 24. “I just seen the most craziest s**t in the crowd, man,” he told the audience. “I just seen a n***a tryna fight a girl.”

Lil Durk, whose real name is Durk Derrick Banks, went on saying, “Slow down, bro, you know.” The “7220” artist later asked the crowd, “Where he at? Where he at who just tried to fight the girl?” After spotting the alleged man, the rapper said, “There he go right there tryna hide.”

“Aye bro, why you tryna fight girls bro?” Lil Durk wondered. He continued blasting the said person, “I should over there and f**k you up,” as the crowd cheered the rapper. “Yeah, we really like that for sure,” he added, “I’d make yo a** apologize right now deada** and you [are] a h*e. You a h*e.”

Shortly after, the man claiming to be the person Lil Durk called out during the show defended himself, insisting that he was actually defending his girlfriend who was about to get jumped. “I dogged a b***h her friend got mad and tried to jump in and my man was 10 toes for me ! Lmaooo,” wrote the man.

Later, many social media users ridiculed Lil Durk for his decision to call out the man without knowing the real intention. “Ain’t nothing wrong with standing up for someone you love,” one person commented. Another wrote, “He was doing what he’s supposed to,” along with a clapping hands emoji. Meanwhile, a fan of the rapper defended him as saying, “I mean y’all acting like durk knew the situation. He saw a man put hands on a female ofc he gon call it out.”

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